Saturday, October 5, 2013

Matt Said, Jay Said 10 6 2013

Matt speaks…Jay kinda just sits back and let’s his premium self glow and flow.  You say, “What the Fuck?”

Cheeeeeers Bitches and welcome to an atypical version of Matt Said, Jay Said.

Typically on Saturdays, you revel in reading the transcript of Jayman and I prepping our upcoming show with the finest of finely tuned wits, however…

This Saturday is different, and do you know why?

Well let me tell you.

This Sunday’s IWS Radio Show, cleverly titled Oktoberfest 2013, has been made a staff pick by the dedicated, overworked, and evidently, very smart and comically inclined staff at Blog Talk Radio.

I know, I know…That may not be a big deal to you guys, but to Jay and I? We are all smiles because we are saying to ourselves and each other…

“Big Dick’s donation of $399.00 to allow us to go Premium on BTR has finally paid off.”

In fact, when Jayman and I found out that we are a BTR Staff Pick, we took our clothes off, oiled up, and reenacted the volleyball scene from Top Gun with each other via Skype.  We were naked, laughing, and all the while yelling, “We’re stoked!!”

That is something that I’ll never forget. One never forgets milestones…nor the sight of an oily Jayman holding a volleyball in one hand, a margarita in the other, while wearing nothing but a Viking helmet.

It’s HOT!!

And so is the Staff Pick.  In fact, here is the very moving e-mail we received from them on Friday…

Hi IWS Radio,
Congratulations!  Your show has been selected to appear in the Staff Picks section of BlogTalkRadio's homepage starting on Monday, October 7 at 12 AM EST for the next 24 hours.  Look out for it then, and don't forget to let your audience know that your show was featured on BlogTalkRadio.

Jayman and I are kinda excited.  We spend a lot of time on the website and radio show so this is kinda nice, because trust me, it’s nice to get thrown a bone once in awhile for one’s efforts.

And that is coming from ME!!  The Matt-Man… A man completely devoid of ego or self-interest.

Anyhoo…We hope you join us this Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET for our Oktoberfest 2013 celebration on IWS Radio on Blog Talk Radio.

It’s going to be a HUGE party with the likes of Paul Piatt, Guy Ahnyurdyck, and our resident German chef, Franz Bitter.

Bobby Kraft and Kirk Douglas will be there as well, annnnnnnd.....

We will have a report from our fave Canadian, “Made in Canada” Jamie as she breaks down Oktoberfest in Canada.

Perhaps we’ll call the German Embassy and a few members of Congress to get a shutdown update, and of course, we’ll be taking your calls at 661.244.9852.

We’ll be talking German Bier, German Babes, and little known German facts as well.  Sunday is going to be Deutschland Uber Alles on IWS Radio.

Please join us and help us to not let down the BTR staff for making us one of their picks of the week.

To join the fun on Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET you can click HERE!!



I'm With Stupid said...

This sand is going to cause some serious chaffing down there.


I'm With Stupid said...

I'll rub the pain away for ya, baby. Cheers Jayman!!


Dana said...

Hope it went well!! I'll catch y'all in the archives!!