Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rob Portman and Gay Marriage: A Cute Couple

Hola all you tolerant and enlightened folks! One of the big news items over the weekend that might have gotten lost in the St. Patrick’s Day revelry was Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman announced that he not only has a gay son, but is now in favor of gay marriage. It seems as though Sen. Portman now believes that HIS SON is entitled to the same happiness as all those straight people out there. Well, how about that!

It’s been interesting to watch the liberals’ reaction to this. The initial knee-jerk reaction was to complain that Portman has been virulently anti-gay marriage ONLY because he was being a good political soldier and advancing the republican agenda. An agenda, by the way, that is only in place to stir up the base and pander to the religious right because the worst kept secret in Washington is that the vast majority of republicans don’t give a crap about gay marriage and even actually privately support it and attend wedding ceremonies of people on their staff.

Yeah? And? I hate to break this to some of you but up until a couple of years ago the democrats did the same damn thing. Many congressmen and women and senators, especially those who represent southern states, took anti-gay positions simply because they thought it would help them in elections to do so. SHOCKINGIKNOWRIGHT!

Of course, there is also a large group of liberals who have a different take on this. Their “complaint” is that Portman only changed his position on gay marriage when his son came out to him. He never would have changed nor evolved on this had he not had a gay son. He only supports equal rights now because it affects someone he’s close to.

Yeah? And? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? What’s your point? I hate to break THIS to you but that’s EXACTLY how Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and most of the democrats evolved on this issue. Maybe it didn’t happen overnight with them by a family member coming out to them, but it did happen over time as they became more aware of the gay marriage issue and actually started to be around more and more gay people.

Aannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd …. That exactly how you, you, you over there with your hands in your pockets looking at the sky and whistling and … uh … I evolved on this same issue.

Oh sure, we’re all born innocent and have to learn to hate from our parents, friends, teachers and preachers. Then when we go out into the  real world on our own we start finding out that a lot of what we were taught about blacks, Mexicans, Jews, gays, cablinasians and  Burkinab├ęs aren’t nearly as bad as we were led to believe they are. I know that liberals love to pretend that they remained innocent and pure their whole lives and never found themselves on the wrong side of any civil rights issues. Liberals also want us to believe that they never harbored any prejudiced thoughts of any kind at all! That’s bullshit.

For most of us there have been a lot of “these folks aren’t that bad at all” revelations after we found ourselves interacting with people from other cultures for the first time as adults. I was one of those people. I come from a very small community and while I was lucky to have parents who didn’t preach intolerance, I didn’t have any significant interaction with blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc etc until college.

On gays I took the usual path. While I didn’t really have prejudices against gays* (beyond the “I don’t know anything about homosexuality and they seem kinda icky prejudices”) I started out as a “no gay marriage” guy and then became “okay maybe gay civil unions” and then I finally evolved all the way to not just “yes” on gay marriage but to the belief that gay rights is a civil rights issue. That evolution was the result of actually being around gays, getting to know them and realizing that I was wrong on the gay rights and gay marriage issues. Just like Senator Portman, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and most everyone else.

It’s important to not worry WHAT brought people to finally doing the right thing and supporting gay marriage. The only thing matters is that they finally got here and bashing them when they do get here will only result in others who might be considering coming out in favor of gay marriage to decide against it.

*Since I was not a regular church goer I was not taught to hate gays. However, when I was growing up homosexuality was a subject that just was NOT discussed anywhere by anyone.  


I'm With Stupid said...

Amen and Pass the Gay Love Butter...It doesn't matter what path people walked to advocate for civil rights, only that they got there. Cheers Jayman!!


Mike said...

The question comes up, would you rather have a gay guy marry another gay guy, or marry your sister to stay in hiding?

Jay, I would ask you the question, how would you like your wife's lesbian lover to move in with you. But I already know the answer.

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: Damn right! We should just celebrate people doing the right thing.


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Life doesn't offer such limited choices. I don't think so anyway.


Katy Anders said...

You mean to tell me that Jim Crow laws could have disappeared DECADES before they did if only a few Senators had accidentally had black kids?

Really, though: If people choose NOT to punch me in the nose, I do not generally question their motivations for restraining themselves. Good for Senator Portman.

I'm With Stupid said...

Katy: Well, most of the people who pushed Jim Crow laws had little to no contact with African Americans. But, yeah, whatever makes them do the right thing is good enough.


Mike said...

I think Matt-Man fell asleep again.

Jo said...

I grew up thinking everyone's equal until they prove otherwise, but not because I'm such a great person, I just had a lot of prejudice at home & their views were so LAME that as a matter of course it dawned me they must be wrong about most things.

People these days cling to causes more than to each other.

I'm With Stupid said...

Jo: For most people their causes are all they've got. Or all they care about.