Saturday, January 5, 2013

MSJS 2013

Matt gives you Cliffs Notes.  Jay gives you Cliffs Notes.  You, pass the test.

Y’know what?  Some people think it’s easy to be an international internet radio star, but really?  It’s not.  For instance…

Jayman and I talked on the phone yesterday in order to come up with new topic ideas that would continue to provide you with quality entertainment at a fair price over the course of 2013.

Allow me to illustrate how tough it can be as I transcribe parts of our aforementioned phone call…

Matt:  So…this Saturday…What should we do?
Jay:  I dunno.  It’s January and the physical clift problem has been solved, so there isn't much going on.
Matt:  I know.
Jay:  We could piss Schmoop off by doing another Joke Show.
Matt:  No…She’s pissed off enough today.  It’s only 10:30 and she’s already told me to go to hell 3 times.
Jay:  That’s unfortunate.  I hate it when sick women begin to recover from their ailments.

See what I mean?  Even Schmoop, whom we both love and adore, provided us with no help other than saying...

“You two buffoons want a show topic?  How about a topic revolving around as to how tired of your show I am, and I wish you guys would just end it?”

See folks?

Comments like that are not helpful, even if Schmoop did later retract her comment by using her oh so overused, and pedestrian, “I have three tubes jutting out of my stomach.” defense.

Of course this line of conversation gave rise to an idea in Jayman’s mind…

Jay:  Y’know…We could do a three way show.
Matt:  What?
Jay:  Yeah…Schmoop and Miss could talk.  Or Jo and Warrior Kat could talk.
Matt:  That’s hot.
Jay:  I know right?

Of course, I talked to our lemonade friend Missy and to Schmoop about this idea and what did they do?

Uh-huh…They shot it down.  Prudes.  So, we were left with few ideas, however…As dickhead Sean Hannity would say, “Do not let your heart be troubled.”

Eventually, Jayman and I did come up with some great show ideas.  No, seriously.

This coming Wednesday, January 9th at 11 AM ET, we have a guest lined-up who will discuss the hideous problem of Human Trafficking.

On Saturday January 12th at 11 PM ET, Jayman and I will be doing a “local news” show, as we illustrate how screwed up our communities are.

And hopefully, on either January 30th at 11 AM or Saturday February 2 at 11 PM we will have a VERY special guest on with us who will  help to make your Super Bowl Party menu tasty and surreal.

See?  We’re not just a couple of adorable goofballs, babies…We plan this stuff out!!*

And …If you’d like to be a guest on our show or have a show topic idea, get a hold of either one of us.  We are always open to new ideas, new guests, and new and interesting sexual propositions and positions.

Oh and by the way…Today’s show?

It’s all about HEARTACHE.

We will be talking heartache that we have personally endured and talking heartache we would like to impart upon others, so join us LIVE tonight Saturday January 5th at 11 PM ET as we let our souls bleed.

Join the IWS Radio fun LIVE tonight at 11 PM ET by clicking HERE, and/or by calling in with your personal heartache at 661.244.9852.


* to a degree


I'm With Stupid said...

Wait. I thought we were going to do a "Music Extravaganza" soon too? Maybe not.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: As you know how our luck goes with those kids of shows, we'll relegate that to our pre-show conversations. Cheers Jayman!!


Mike said...

'and new and interesting sexual propositions and positions.'

Hopefully there are no tubes involved.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Oh hell yes, at least for another six weeks. Cheers Mike!!


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