Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some Open Letters From IWS

A few open letters to some folks who might have been unintentionally offended or upset by some of the things said on the I’m With Stupid podcast, or here on the blog.

Mr. CW McCall,

We here at IWS would like to apologize for the unacceptable and horrendous mangling of the lyrics of “Convoy” by Jayman on the IWS podcast. How can anyone screw up the words to one of the greatest songs of all time? It’s a mystery to us too.

Thinking he was on a roll, and instead of writing out the lyrics in his show notes, Jayman thought he could just wing it. Sometimes he bites off a little more than he can chew. This was probably the most embarrassing moment of his otherwise stellar internet radio career.

Ms. Stacey Dash,

On Sunday, you were named IWS’ Babe of the Week. While we know that this was a tremendous honor for you and you were very flattered, we also know that you were bothered a little bit by it. We understand you were a bit upset by Matt-Man’s apparent focus on your impressive physical assets and ignoring your professional accomplishments.

Well, let us here at IWS assure you Stacey, that Matt-Man, just as everyone else here, is a man of substance. He never meant to appear to be slighting the outstanding acting work you have done over your brilliant and distinguished career. We absolutely know and respect the fact that there is much, much more to you than that truly spectacular ass of yours.

Please see the letter above note addressed to Stacey Dash. Simply replace her name with yours, and Matt-Man’s with Jayman’s. While you also have a wonderful ass, Jayman mostly focuses on your legs, so make the appropriate changes where necessary for that too. Also, he has a hair fetish so add a third paragraph dealing with that bit of weirdness.

Mr. Daryl Dragon,

As if screwing up “Convoy” wasn’t enough, for the second time in a little over year, the hosts of the wildly popular and well respected, I’m With Stupid internet radio show attempted to have some fun at your expense. Jayman, again feeling like he was on a roll, brought up the time that he had mistakenly thought you were dead. While funny to us, we do acknowledge that this kind of joking around may not be all that funny to man of your age who has undoubtedly lived a pretty fast and hard Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle. So, for that we apologize. Again.   

Mr. Herman Cain,

It has been pointed out to us that we have, with good reason, been treating your campaign for the GOP nomination for president as a bit of a joke. I mean, one could hardly blame us, especially with your latest claim that you would give “Hail to the Chief” a “fresher sound” and a few of the other loony things you’ve proposed.

But, we would like to apologize for our behavior. We know that you, much like Stacey Dash and Anna Kournikova, well, at least like Stacey, are a person of substance and impressive professional accomplishments. This suddenly became obvious the entire staff of IWS Entertainment when you said “our leaders are stupid.” 

Not only is this a very true statement, it’s the most insightful thing any GOP candidate has said all year. For this, we salute you and apologize for failing to take you, and your campaign, seriously.


And if you’d like to hear all those crazy antics like attempting to sing “Convoy” or a discussion about Daryl Dragon’s wellbeing and Matt-Man and Jayman taking on the haters out there AND hanging out with Dana_Lu, then you can using this handy-dandy BTR player. And I highly recommend you do so. Especially if you’re a hater. We might change your whole outlook on life. (And yes, the show WAS posted yesterday, but this episode was so nice, we thought we would post it twice.)

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I'm With Stupid said...

When you lay it out in print like that Jay, I feel much shame and contriteness. Cheers!!


A Beer for the Shower said...

Yes, there's so much more to Stacey Dash than her amazing ass. Like... her... contribution to television and movies?

I loved her work as Extra #5 in whatever last TV movie she was in.

Jay said...

Matt-Man: It's important for us to stay humble with all this fame and success.

Beer: Now see, that's what I'm talking about. Stacey has had a stellar career. I especially loved her on "Single Ladies" and the fact that after being on that show, she IS now a single lady. Stuff like that amuses me.

Mike said...

How can anyone mess up the line 'we got us a convoy'? If you can speak, you got it nailed.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Sometimes the spotlight can be just a little too much. Even for a seasoned, internationally famous host like me.