Sunday, October 23, 2011

IWS Babe of the Week: Julianne Hough

Some think Jayman and I are but mere shallow, undersexed man whores who care nothing about life other than fantasizing about one day getting laid.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only are we intrigued by politics, international affairs, and helping out the homeless whenever possible, we are both lovers and respecters of the arts.

And boy do we love and respect Julianne Hough.

This former DWTS dancer is the total package she can dance. She can sing. And, as evidenced by starring in the recent remake of Footloose, the sexy Mizz Hough is like the Robert DeNiro of a new generation…

Can you see and feel the smoldering, DeNiroesque angst in that picture? Of course you can.

Of course it all goes back to the dancing for Jayman and I, as we are both dance aficionados. 

In fact, we once canceled an episode the IWS Radio Show because it conflicted with us being able to watch a three hour PBS special on the life, times, and footwork of Gene Kelly.

So here’s to Julianne Hough and her juicy fruits…

Dance on Roberta DeNiro, dance on…


I'm With Stupid said...

"Can you see and feel the smoldering, DeNiroesque angst in that picture?"

Just a little bit. Just a little.

Julianne is pretty cute for a white chick, I guess.


Mike said...

Why have I never heard of her? Let me count the ways.

ballroom dancer - Strike 1
country music singer - S2
actress (4 films)- S3

Although I will investigate further.

I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Yeah, but you know...she's one of those skinny girls. Cheers Jayman!!

Mike: Oh I am sure you have been googling her all day...and well into the night. Cheers Mike!!


Anonymous said...

Jay: white girls are the hottest.

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