Sunday, September 4, 2011

Waxing Poetic

Last night on “I’m With Stupid” Matt-Man and Jayman stepped out of their normal and comfortable programing of comedy and jocularity and took a risk. They opened their hearts up to the world via the spoken word. It was Poetry Night and Matt-Man and Jayman not only brought the angst and yearning, they also wore the appropriate headgear. 

As you probably know, Matt-Man is already an accomplished poet. Classically trained and quite skilled, he is always ready to bust a few rhymes, and can go iambic pentameter on your ass at any moment. Jayman, on the other hand, is a new style poet. A style glossed “Tumblr Poet” by Matt-Man. The Tumblr Poet doesn’t observe any rules or have any real poetry skills. He or She just reads the thoughts he or she has typed out in a dramatic reading style. It works for them, but bothers poetry purists in the same way that the wild card and designated hitter bothers baseball purists. 

Anyway, it was a very touching, thoughtful and heart-felt show. Matt and Jay spoke from the heart and explored thoughts and feelings from deep within the darkest and most terrifying areas of their minds. In many ways it was cathartic and in others sad and pathetic. But, it was, as always a great show.
You can listen by using this here handy-dandy magical mystery machine lovingly provided by the good people of Blog Talk Radio. And don’t forget that we will be celebrating Labor Day on Monday at 11 am EDT. We’d love to see you there. 

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