Saturday, September 3, 2011

Matt Said, Jay Said III

And once again Saturday brings us another round of “Matt Said, Jay Said”
Matt: “You speak, me speak.”
Jay: “Holaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Wot’s hoppenin’ hot stuff?”
Matt: “Noting. Not a thing. Not a modicum. Not an ORT!”
Jay: “Okay then. Good talking to ya.”

Matt: “I’ve got a case of the blahs”
Jay: “Awww. I’m sorry.”
Matt: “Thanks for your obviously heartfelt concern.”
Jay: “Hey, I was being sincere. Why so glum chum?”
Matt: “I tweaked my back. I think I pinched a nerve cause the pain runs down my leg.”
Jay: “Might be your sciatica?”
Matt: “Just my lumbago!”

Jay: “Finally heard from Sunshine State Shirley. Three straight 16 hour days for her.”
Matt: “That’s rough. I did help you out with her.”
Jay: “Oh really?”
Matt: “Yeah, she said she was gonna get help on fantasy football from you and I let her know what a scheming deceiver of women you are.”
Jay: “Well, thanks man. Very helpful.”
Matt: “That’s what I’m here for buddy.”
Jay: “Well, I’m sure a woman of SSS’s education can easily tell when someone is just projecting.”

Jay: “Hey, is posting pics on Twitter again. Better check it out.”
Matt: “I can’t do it. I just can’t.”
Jay: “I can’t resist. *clicks link* OHHHHHHHHHHHH .. uh Hey! Click that link dude.”
Matt: “I don’t want to.”
Jay: “You gotta.”
Matt: “Okay. *clicks link* AHHHHHH I HATE THAT ONE!!!
Jay: heehee "I know"
Matt: “You’re cruel”

Jay: “So Beat Poetry this week?”
Matt: “Oh yeah.”
Jay: “And then whatever on Monday”
Matt: “We already have a topic. Remember? We have topics for the next two weeks.”
Jay: “We do? Wait. Oh it’s labor day.”
Matt: “Yeah, unions and organizing on Monday, football next Saturday and 9/11 on the 12th
Jay: “Right. That sounds good.”
Matt: “Now write that down.”
Jay: “Naw, I’ll remember.”

Jay: “Did you see Nancy Grace on Dancing With the Stars?”
Matt: “Yeah, I saw that. Some guy is going to have to touch her.”
Jay: “Hell, even Chaz Bono is more feminine than Nancy.”
Matt: “Hey-OOOOOO!”
Jay: “The fact that Chaz Bono might get to touch Cheryl Burke proves there is no God.”
Matt: “Totally unfair.”
Jay: “I know. Okay, Beat Poetry?”
Matt: “I’ve already started preparing for this Saturday.”
Jay: “Already writing some poems?”
Matt: “No, but I’m yearning which is a start.”
Jay: “Oh hell then. We’re ready dude!” 

So there you go. Another brilliant prep session! And don’t forget that we will be doing our own, original Beat Poetry Night on I’m With Stupid at 6:30 EDT! 


I'm With Stupid said...

Reading the transcript of our conversation once again fills me with angst and derision, yet cannot extinguish the spark of hope within my soul. Let's rock it tonight. Cheers!!


Mike said...

Well I thought I would make it back home for the show but the bar gods said no.