Saturday, September 10, 2011

Matt Said, Jay Said IV

As always kids, if it’s Saturday, then it’s time for MS, JS. I know how much you look forward to it. So, away we go…

Matt: “It’s your dime, spill it.”
Jay: “Ring-a-ding-ding big boy.”
Matt: “Oh, I love it when you ring my bell.”
Jay: “That’s hot. Ya sick fuck.”

Matt: “I have an idea for a post for tomorrow. And then Slyder on Friday”
Jay: “Dude. You’re the man with the plan.”
Matt: “I’m on it Jay! Gonna write a post from Ronnie to the GOP”
Jay: “Excellent”
Matt: “I find writing as other people to be very freeing.”
Jay: “I agree. We can do all kinds of fake op-ed pieces from famous people.”
Matt: “Oh shit. We could do that all the time.”

Jay: “Something like John Boehner writing to say he’s offended by Syracuse’s mascot The Orange”
Matt: “Ha! That would be great.  But shit. I’ve got too many ideas now.”
Jay: “Here’s a crazy idea. Write out posts as you think of them and save them to your computer.”
Matt: “I can’t work that way Jay.”
Jay: *sigh*
Matt: “I need the pressure of the deadline. Plus I like to live in the here and now.”

Jay: “Hey! Doug Flutie’s daughter is a cheerleader for the Patriots.”
Matt: “Really? Is she HAWT?”
Jay: “I don’t know. I only notice a woman’s heart. Here, I’ll do a GIS for her and send you a pic.”
Matt: “Meh. She’s alright.”
Jay: “She’s no Miley.”
Matt: “Doesn’t really do anything for me. Kind of like Lee Evans.”
Jay: “Well, that’s because Bo Derek was around at the same time as Lee Evans and she was crazy hot.”
Matt: “I was talking about the Wide Receiver Lee Evans.”
Jay: “Ohhhh! Well that’s different.”

Jay: “Wait! LINDA Evans, not LEE!”
Matt: “Ha! You goober.”
Jay: “Well, shit. That makes even less sense now.”
Matt: “That was smooth.”
Matt: “Linda Evans dated Yanni for crying out loud. Who the fuck would do that?”
Jay: “Oh shit. That’s almost as bad as Connie Sellecca dating John Tesh.”
Matt: “That WAS sad.”
Jay: “Yeah, she brought the charisma to that relationship.”
Matt: “And the talent.”

Jay: “Okay, so we’re talking Football?”
Matt: “Our annual season preview! Will Nipsey make an appearance.”
Jay: “Hell yeah! Nipsey loves football.”
Matt: “And we love the Nipster.”
Jay: “Okay, good prep session.”
Matt: “Sometimes we get a little off topic. But, we’re ready!”

Okay, there you go. It was riveting, wasn’t it?  Anyway, don’t forget we’re talking football and other stuff tonight at 6:30 EDT on I’m With Stupid.  Oh, and we have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT to make too! So be there! 


Mike said...

I looked up Alexa Flutie. She's one on these girls that has a thousand different looks depending on how she's made up.

Gnetch said...

I'll start using "Ya sick fuck" often.

From now on.

I'm With Stupid said...

I thouroughly enjoy our intimate conversations. Cheers!!