Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Create a Wildly Successful Podcast

Hola kids! You know one of the biggest benefits of being a world-famous internet radio and social media star is being asked for advice by strangers all the time. Of course, I’m always willing to share my knowledge and insight into the world of podcasting with anyone who asks.
Which brings me to today’s blog post. I thought I would run down a list of ideas that will help those of you out there who are wondering what the secrets to a really successful podcast with a vast world-wide audience are.

Don’t bother with guests: Nobody wants to listen to fucking experts on any subject. You can do just fine discussing anything from rare medical conditions to high finance to sports to relationships. Just do a few Google searches, write up a few notes and roll with it. Experts usually full of themselves anyway. Also, they bring in new listeners and it could get really uncomfortable with all those strangers out there. 

Don’t worry about audio quality: People claim that they turn off shows where one host is really loud and the other is really quiet or where the audio is breaking up. And they might, but so what? They were there for the beginning of the show and you got credit for the listen, so it’s not really your problem. If they want good audio quality, they can pay to listen to crap on XM Radio.

Include some moments of dead air: Your listeners need a chance to catch up with you. They’re probably aren’t as mentally flexible and might get stuck on something brilliant you said a few minutes ago. So, every once in a while you should just stop and sit there in respectful silence while they catch up to you. They’ll appreciate it. 

Don’t worry about alienating entire demographics: Look, you have to be true to yourself, right? So, if you think it would be hilarious to do a show with some guy faking a really bad Chinese accent, do it. So what if it causes all Asians to turn off your show. How much could it hurt? So what if they make up more than 1/3 of the people on Earth? 

Stick to religion and politics: It’s important to talk about subjects that callers and hosts won’t get angry over. So, religion and politics are perfect. Open up the show by explaining that certain religions and/or political parties are bullshit and the people who practice them are going to hell, and you’ll get flooded with people ready to engage in smart, thoughtful and well-reasoned debate. 

Just ignore your chat room: Just because the show has a chat room, doesn’t mean you HAVE to interact with them. Marie Antoinette had subjects, which are basically the same as listeners, right? And she sure as hell didn’t interact with them, did she? Also, it kind of works the same way as it does with women. The more you ignore them, the more they want you. It’s weird, I know.  

Your show title doesn’t have to match what you talk about: People loved being tricked and fooled. And pulling the old switcheroo on them is a brilliant show idea. Title the show something like “Expert Pet Care” and then actually talk about keeping your genitals clean and ready for action. The listeners might be a little confused at the beginning, but once you hit that first moment of dead air and they get the chance to catch up, they’ll love it.

Okay, there you go folks. If you follow these simple rules, you too can have a wildly successful and critically acclaimed podcast just like “I’m With Stupid.” 

Speaking of “I’m With Stupid” we had our brilliant and oh so clever Show Prep Show this morning. Listen in as we meander from one thing to another until we finally arrive at our destination of a show topic for Saturday.  Along the way we talked about Glen Rice posting Sarah Palin up down low (allegedly) and we MIGHT have mentioned Scarlett Johansson’s nude pics which were leaked to the internet this morning. One of which you can view on the official I’m With Stupid Tumblr Page. It’s NSFW. 

Anyway, check out the show cause it was fun and because we love you.
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I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Some people think of us as a couple of guys being sarcastic and clown like; your insight proves that IWS exists for the greater good of others. I for one, love you for it.


MysteryChick said...

I'm pretty sure if you titled a show "How to Keep Your Genitals Clean and Ready for Use" you'd get plenty of listeners!

A Beer for the Shower said...

This is the greatest advice I've ever heard. Don't forget profanity, too. People love profanity. Use the f-word like it's a comma and people will RESPECT you.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

ummm... well, I think I break all these rules...DAMN!

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt: We're surprisingly deep and thoughtful.

MC: That's actually a pretty brilliant idea for a show.


Vinny: Rule were meant to be broken. Besides, these aren't really "rules" they're more like "suggestions."

- Jay