Monday, August 15, 2011

Tim Pawlenty Out, Rick Perry In

Are you worried about poor Tim Pawlenty and what he might do next now that he’s no longer running for president? Well, don’t be. Today on I’m With Stupid we laid out ALL of T-Paw’s options, and it turns out he has lots of opportunities out there. He’ll be just fine. 

In addition to talking about T-Paw, we discussed his last ditch efforts to go after America’s Sweetheart Michele Bachmann, and how they backfired on him. We talked about how Mitt Romney continues to be a ruggedly handsome and extremely charming man. And, we welcomed Rick Perry and his very impressive hair to the race. 

Then, we had a few thoughts on Bert and Ernie not being gay. Or so Sesame Street claims. Come on guys.  It’s okay. We’ve all accepted Bert & Ernie for who they are for many years now. You don’t have to hide it. I mean, you don’t see Peppermint Patty and Marcie hiding their love, do you? 

Anyway, we covered all this and so, so much more. And, we would very much appreciate it you took the time to listen using this here handy, dandy BTR Mystery Machine. And don’t forget that coming up this Saturday we’ll be doing the Phobia Show! That’s right. We’ll talk our phobias and yours, as well as some of the more exotic phobias out there. 

And, as always, we love you all! 

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