Monday, August 1, 2011

Making Deals and Celebrating Ramadan ...

Today on “I’m With Stupid” we talked deals. Lots of deals. We ripped on the ridiculous and almost completely fake Debt Ceiling Deal. With its Special Commission that will be created to make all kinds of recommendations to deal with the debt that will never be implemented and will be ignored. Hell, the whole deal itself will be ignored by the next congress when they do their first budget. Yes, as shocking as it might seem, our political “leaders” have just completely wasted 6 weeks where they could have been dealing with the fact unemployment is 9% with a bullet. I’m sure they’ll get to that whole “jobs thing” next NEVER. 

Anyway, after that we talked NFL deals. Great deals made by teams like the Eagles and devastating lack of deals made by teams like the Cowboys. Every year Cowboy fans think all the big free agents will come to Dallas just because they’re Dallas. And every year they go somewhere else. So sad. 

THEN we had a very special caller! Our very good friend and fan of the show Maniar, the Canadian Muslim called in! So talked to Maniar for a  bit about Ramadan and what it’s all about and that cool stuff. We’re a very educational show, you know.  So, let us take just a moment here to send out a big Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim friends all over the world! 

And after that we talked some MLB trades like the big blockbuster deal the Cardinals made for Octavio Dotel and how the Reds continue to prepare for the future. And then we filled in the final few minutes of the show with some other fun stuff. 

So, be sure to give today’s show a listen cause not only was it funny, you might learn a few things too.  You can listen right here on BTR’s Magical Mystery Player. And as always, we appreciate your listening! 

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IWS Radio said...

It was a magical 45 minutes, and I was naked the entire time. Cheers!!


Mike said...

Well I listening to the whole thing. I was just nodding off when the show ended and started from the beginning. You know those trumpets you have at the very beginning? Well they scared the shit outa' me! It's like being hit with norwegian wood.

Jay said...

Matt: I'm glad you didn't tell me you were naked before the show. I was distracted enough by Kat's message as it was. haha

Mike: The trumpets are there to keep folks like you awake.