Monday, August 1, 2011

Sometimes, Madness and Genius Go Hand in Hand

Jayman and I try to stay on top of the stupid that exists in the world of politics, entertainment, sports, and pop culture, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a love and passion for science.

Neither of us do have a passion or love for science, I’m just saying that what we do here is not the reason for it.


We do have a passion and love for Mad Scientists, and we share an adoration and lust hotter than a Bunsen burner for the official Mad Scientist of IWS, Agent Rat.

While Jayman and I would like to keep her to ourselves, for the good of our readers, listeners, and indeed, the good of all mankind, to do so, would be a sin.

Thusly, ergo, to wit, and heretofore, we are making available to you, the vast knowledge, brilliance, and scientific omniscience of the maddest scientist we know, Agent Rat:

The uber-lovely Agent Rat will be answering your science related questions every other week or so on I’m With Stupid. There is however, one problem that confronts the introduction of her debut…

We Need Questions From You!!

So send us your science questions to Jay and/or yours truly, and we will pass them on to Agent Rat post haste.

Keep in mind when sending in those questions…She is quite mad, especially during that time of month when she is on her Periodic Table.

But brave her madness with your questions, because only through her mad, diabolical, and unsurpassed genius can the world be set free.



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Jay said...

Oh yeah baby! This is gonna be hot! Agent Rat getting all sciencey on us! Best idea EVER!

Even you "Young Earth" people and other folks who have rejected science and reality are free to send in your questions too!

IWS Radio said...

Huge Jay, HUGE!! Hotness AND Science? Be still my cardiovascular system!!


Beth said...

Here's her first question. Why do you let reptiles crawl on you?

IWS Radio said...

Beth: I'll pass that along, but I find your question odd, as you let a reptile crawl all over you. Cheers!!


Mike said...

I love a girl wrapped in duct tape.

Jay said...

Mike: I wrap most of my dates in Duct Tape and let them ride in the trunk.