Monday, August 1, 2011

Google Plus a Social Media Experiment

Google has, once again, dipped its toes in the social media waters. And this time they mean it. Google Plus is the newest and greatest Facebook killer. Or is a the Twittah Killah? Tumblr Rumblr? Hell, I can't remember. Anyway, as usual I talked a big game about being cool and ignoring the Next Big Thing. But, when my very good HAWT friend Gnetch sent me an invite I jumped all over that baby (the invite, not Gnetch) like republican hitting on another dude in a public restroom.

So, now I'm one of the cool kids who's on Google Plus. Which means I have yet another social media platform that I open up, stare at it for ten minutes, am unable to come up with anything witty to say and just close out of it. Feel free to add me.

At this point, I would just like to say that it really frosts my balls that MOOBS don't make one as immediately internet famous as BOOBS do. Look, there are a lot of areas where women get the short end of the stick, but, social media is NOT one of those places. If you have boobs and/or a nice ass, you will rack up a decent amount of followers pretty fast.

In fact, I've actually considered doing a little experiment on this topic. I'm thinking of creating a fake Stumble Upon account and use a pic of a very attractive young lady. Then I'll stumble on all kinds of sites, blogs and videos that talk about sex. And in the middle of those I'll stumble upon posts on this blog and the world famous “I'm With Stupid” internet radio show. I'm guessing this would be a pretty successful endeavor in terms of driving traffic to this blog and the show.

I have to admit that this isn't an original idea. You see, I'm starting to get the weird feeling that some of the ridiculously hot, babes that follow me on Stumble Upon might be fakes. IKNOWRIGHT?? The first indication I had that some of them might be fake was when they followed me back. That right there is a pretty suspicious act.

If it works there, and I see no reason why it won't, I'm thinking I can expand this idea to Tumblr. This will be a little more difficult, but it can be done. I think I'm gonna need some help on this one though. I need a very attractive woman to agree to send me a bunch of sexy pics. THIS IS NOT FOR ME! IT'S FOR SCIENCE!!!

What I can do on Tumblr is post sexy pics of celebrities, funny pics and some of “my” sexy pics. Along with those will be some text posts where I talk about all the sex I'm getting and/or not getting. Talk about my bisexuality and occasionally post something talking about how deep I am and get all philosophical on everyone. Oh and some emo shit. People really love that.

So, if there is some hottie out there willing to help me in my “experiment” I would be very grateful. I think it would be fun and really, who could it hurt? Nobody was upset to find out that the blogger they thought was a lesbian in Syria turned out to be some middle aged white redneck male in the state of Georgia. So, I don't see anyone being upset if my scam social media experiment is uncovered.

So let me know if you'd like to be a part of the fun. I hope someone does. I would HATE to have to troll Myspace for old photos of hot babes who posted them and then abandoned their account for Facebook and forgot about the pics. That would be kinda creepy.


IWS Radio said...

It's hard for a pimp in South Central Social Mediasphere. Let your experiment begin!! Cheers!!


Gnetch said...

Oh, I'm hawt?? Haha!!!

Well actually, that's not a bad idea, the Stumble Upon thing. You can use the picture on your blog header. You're gonna get famous!!! (As if I know what Stumble Upon is. :p)

Knight said...

I'm too old for this project. If I have to use a scanner to share my hot drunken college polaroids I'm too old to get away with the scam.

Mike said...



Jay said...
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Jay said...

Matt: Pimpin' ain't easy. And, the experiment is actually pretty tempting.

Gnetch: Of course you're hawt! And it's not about being famous. It's about science. hahahaha

Jay said...

Knight: That is 10000000% untrue! You're not too old and you're freaking awesome!

Mike: Damn right! It's all about the Red, White and Blue!

Desert Rat said...

Knight, too old! Don't make me bitch slap you - you are totally hawt!