Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fantasy Football and Leaving it All on the Field

Matt-Man and Jayman put on a pretty good performance last night on “I’m With Stupid.” They came out strong and had lots of enthusiasm. Then, they avoided the big emotional letdown and kept up the intensity and executed their game plan flawlessly.  Especially Matt-Man, who overcame some adversity and had to gut it out. 

They both did a great job of not getting flustered by the rush of the clock.  They might not have segued perfectly, but they kept it together as they moved through the show. And then they came up big in the clutch making some big plays late when it mattered most.  And that’s how you build a winner. 

Internet radio is about taking it one show at a time. And it’s about hard work.  You can’t just wish for a good show to happen. You have work hard at it and MAKE IT HAPPEN! That’s what Matt-Man and Jayman have been doing. They’re proving, week in and week out, that they are committed to being the very best show on the internet. They’re leading by example.  You just have to WANT IT MORE than everyone else. 

It should be clear to everyone that Matt-Man and Jayman have the character and the talent to take this show to the next level.  And they’re going to get it done no matter what it takes.  NOBODY works harder on their craft than these two guys. And nobody is going to out-compete them either.  They have all the intangibles to make it to the elite level.  

What they clearly have is A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE! 

So, we would very much appreciate it if you listen to our Fantasy Football Preview show that included a very special accidental open from our sports correspondent Slyder Balzcock and a Dramatic Reading of Tumblr by Jayman. You don’t want to miss that folks! 

We appreciate your listening and love every single one of you out there! 

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IWS Radio said...

No one can say that we didn't give 110%, Jayman. Cheers!!