Monday, July 18, 2011

Hope Chokes, IWS Jokes ...

On Sunday night, with the entire world watching, American superstar goalkeeper, the darling of the American sports media stood in front of the net awaiting one last onslaught from the Japanese. This set piece would likely be Japan’s last shot at an equalizer. One more play from the best goalkeeper in the world is all America needed for a World Cup win and the return of the Unites States Women’s National Team to their God-Given spot on top of the soccer (futbol) world. 

But, it was not to be. A perfect corner kick, followed by a laser shot off the foot of Homare Sawa left Hope Solo and the Americans stunned and the game headed for penalty kicks.  There was really no doubt about what was to come next. 

Despite all the hype from the media, and bravado from Solo herself, it was Japan’s Ayumi Kaihori who made the big saves.  It was a striking contrast between the two. Solo was the flashy and brash statuesque beauty that was ready to cash in on her fame back home. Kaihori was the diminutive, spikey haired and unassuming opposite who only needed a plaid shirt and Birkenstocks to complete “the look.” 

How could this happen? Team USA had everything going for them. Confidence. Talent. And the fact that they, as all American teams, were the hardest working, most fit, most competitive team in the history of World Cup play. Plus, as was pointed out by many after the Tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year, America had God on their side. But, happen it did.
Maybe Japan was actually the team of destiny? Maybe it was their turn and maybe God decided they deserved a big win for once. After the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombs. After the Godzilla attacks starting in the 50’s.  After the economic disasters of the 90’s. And the Tsunami and meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant, maybe it was finally time for Japan to win something and have something to celebrate?
Nawwwwww. Hope Solo choked.*  LeBron James style.

Anyhoodle, this morning on I’m With Stupid, the Matt-Man and I hit on the USWNT’s Debacle in Deutschland as well as Fox News’ repeatedly pointing out that Barack Obama Mitt Romney is “Obviously not a Christian” and other brilliant moments brought to us by the meeting of Mensa Minds that is Fox and Friends. We also talked a bit about good old Herman Cain and Marcus Bachmann’s alleged gayness. Now, it should be pointed out that WE aren’t making any accusations. We just pointed out that Marcus has a lot of show tunes on his iPod and owns the first two seasons of Glee on DVD.  We report and you decide.
So, if you have nothing better to do, and even if you do, give us a listen using the fancy-schmancy BTR player below.  We think you’ll have a pretty good time. As always, we thank you for your support.
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*Even so, congrats to Japan on their thrilling victory. I was much deserved. 


IWS Radio said...

I try to stay emotionally detached during our show Jay, but yesterday's show was a rollercoaster ride of emotions.


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