Monday, July 18, 2011

Mitt Romney Is Not a Christian...And Ainsley Earhardt Is Not a Man

Happy Monday Morning, Kids!!

Boy what a weekend it was…dancing girls, booze, Chinese Mafia types, Great Value Potato Chips, and all in my living room at once. 


It was wacky, and Jayman and I had a great show Saturday so listen to it on the BTR machine on the sidebar or the post below…please?


The J-Bone Thug and I are doing another show today at 11 AM EDT, and we are getting serious, bitches.

We are going to talk about this woman:

That is Ainsley Earhardt who is one of phone message hacker, Rupert Murdoch’s, vacuous, kinda manly looking, and needs to dye her roots, FOX News babes.

Sunday on Fox and Friends Weekend she claimed that being a Mormon, Mitt Romney is NOT a Christian.

Her cohorts, i.e human stick figures, Adam Clayton and Dave Briggs, either didn’t get it, didn’t care, or of course, didn’t know.

We will also discuss the release of one hot, nubile, homicidal hottie…Casey Anthony:

I’m takin’ that chick to Chuck E. Cheese if it’s the last thing I do in life. She brings out the three year old in me, by golly.

We will also discuss the fact that Marcus Bachmann, husband of GOP Presidential contender Michele Bachmann, is gay.

Or perhaps not gay.

Or this picture suggests, getting ready to fall over from a heart attack.

Annnnnd we may talk about the debt ceiling crisis, as well as how dreams of female superiority of the U.S. were dashed by the choking of Hope Solo and the rest of the United States kitty kickers in the Women's World Cup.

All that and more, on I’m With Stupid today at 11 AM EDT on Blog Talk Radio.

You can access the show page HERE, and as always, you can call in at 661.244.9852.




Jay said...

Damn. We've got a lot to cover. Better get a good night's sleep!


IWS Radio said...

Ha...I shall Jay...As long as I don't have Ainsley Earhardt in my dreams telling me that I am going to Hell!!


Mike said...

Crap that's tomorrow isn't it? No wait, TODAY!