Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Season 8 Finale: The End of the Road?

Another great IWS Radio Show in the can...
After last week's disaster, Matt-Man and Jayman are celebrating our Season Eight Finale by picking through the charred remains of the IWS Radio empire hoping to salvage enough to use as a foundation to rebuild. 
We're dealing with hurt feelings, dysfunction and low morale. People are angry, man. People are angry. IWS Radio is most definitely at its nadir. Rebuilding will be a Herculean effort and we just don't know if we're up to it. 
It is Matt and Jay's hope that by looking back at the good times and playing some of our favorite moments from the past season we can find reason to rebuild and move forward.  
As always there was be witty banter ... assuming we can be witty in these trying times ... good and bad songs and a booze taste testing segment that was sorely needed. 
Our very own Omarosa, Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf was there along with what's left of the IWS Players. We'll also talk about how Donald Trump somehow managed to have a worse week than we did!
Give it a listen and have some laughs...

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