Wednesday, August 15, 2018

IWS Radio Get Political

As we close in on America's midterm elections several of our IWS Radio correspondents have been inspired to run for office! Bobby, Slyder, Guy, Rev Moneymaker, hell even Jamie Mapleleaf and others are throwing their hats into the ring! They'll be running for various local, state and maybe even federal offices. Since Matt-Man and Jayman have always encouraged IWS employees to be civic-minded, we hare pleased to give the people running for office a platform to make their arguements! We'll carry their first ads for public office on this week's show! This could be very exciting. Or something.

As always we'll mix in some witty banter, good/bad music and a booze taste test. Plus we'll take a look at what's happening in the political world and see how Donald Trump has embarrassed America this week! So whether you're into socialism, capitalism, libertarianism or any other kind of -ism, tune in for all the fun and games as IWS Radio gets political. Plus, the political hotlines will be open for you to call in and give your thoughts on whatever you like @ 661.244.9852!

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