Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Team Miley or Team Nicki? How 'Bout Team IWS!!

Season Six of IWS Radio got off to a wild and sniffy start. Matt-Man had to work the whole weekend because OTHER people like to take vacations and Jayman was suffering through an early fall allergy attack. Jay did his best to not let his sniffing, hacking and wheezing distract from the hilarity of the show though. So what all happened? Well ….

Matt-Man gave the big guy upstairs (God, not his upstairs neighbor) credit for intervening and making a customer choose beer instead of wine. The Beer Mine (conveniently located at the corner of Burnett and Elmore Roads in Bagwine, Ohio) isn’t allowed to legally sell wine on Sundays and Matt forgot!

Jayman has a pretty slow week and scoured his notes hoping to find something that happened that he could share with IWS’ vast and diverse worldwide audience, but it was no use. He felt like he let the fans down, but didn’t want to make anything up. IWS listeners are way to intelligent to fall for that!

Jayman announced that IWS was NOT renewing the contracts of Dusty Sandman and the Alarmist Weatherman for Season Six.

Matt-Man announced that Stubby Stonehenge had been let go. He might be dead. We don’t know.

Dick Berns made his triumphant return to IWS Radio though with a rousing report from New Orleans commemorating the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.!

There was some baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad music played!

Jayman lamented the fact that doing the show in prime time meant he wouldn’t be able to watch the first hour of Miley Cyrus hosting the MTV Video Music Awards.

Jeb Bush and Jeb Bush’s badly Photoshopped black hand did a Direct TV ad that was hilarious!

Jeb Bush also had a little  problem saying that Asians are the biggest “anchor babies” in America.

Hillary made a really pathetic attempt at using humor to deflect her little email problem.

Matt and Jay wondered if both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush should just drop out of the race. They agreed that both Hillary and Jeb have been running truly horrible campaigns.

Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf updated us on the Canadian elections and how things are shaping up in America’s Attic.

IWS World Media News Division broke the news that Obama will allow Mt. McKinley to be renamed “Denali” which was its original name. Plus Matt and Jay predicted the whiny crybaby fit republicans would throw over this decision.

Matt and Jay discussed possible new segment ideas or guest ideas for Season Six.

You definitely need to check this prime time gem out! Seriously! 



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