Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Donald Trump For President?

After a false start thanks to BTR’s incompetence and general lack of caring about its hosts, Matt-Man and Jayman finally got to do their super immature childish humor show. And since it was a super immature childish humor show they of course featured all the idiots losing to Donald Trump in the republican primary. Plus we threw in a lot of other really funny stuff.

Matt-Man had to deal with some moron from Cleveland who insisted Matt answer the phone at the Beer Mine (conveniently located at the corner of Elmore and Burnett Roads in Bagwine, Ohio).

Jayman encounter a couple of Hipster wannabes at the barber shop and had to resist the urge to mock them in public.

Mike Huckabee promises to make prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers and other freeloaders pay their fair share.

Chris Christie and Rand Paul hug it out.

Paul Piatt stepped outside of his comfort zone with a hilariously childish poem.

Keith Olbermann dropped by with a special commentary that just might get him fired from IWS.

Ahnald have trysts with many different women at his home. Some of the women came several times.

Donald Trump put Megyn Kelly in her place and might have just finished her pathetic career off!

Erick Erickson came to Megyn’s defense. Well, in his own sick, perverted way.

Albert Pujols is …. Retarded?

Ted Cruz is childish. Not, childish humor, just childish.

Anderson Cooper is amused by getting the full twelve inches promised.

CNN is all about the Money Shot.

Robert the Taylor called in and was brilliant as usual.

We called Missalicious to see what was up with her and that got AWWWWWKWARD!

And soooooooo much more! Check it out!  



jAMiE said...

And what a fine show it was...well, the parts that i heard before i passed out with a headache.

I will go back and listen...often!

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