Monday, June 29, 2015

Robert The Taylor Loves Gay Marriage and IWS Radio

Top o' the mornin' all...Robert the Taylor here for IWS Radio...

Y'know? Some IWS Radio shows are better than others, and well, the IWS Radio show I listened to
yesterday was beyond the realm of creative genius.

Being Scottish, sometimes you Americans are hard to understand, but let me tell ya lads and lassies, during yesterday's show..?

Jay and Matt's comedy shone through the tubes of the internet in a fashion that was more visible and palatable than the stench floating over the waters of Loch Ness.

After Jay and Matt engaged in some some witty banter about the weather, the Beer Mine, and some grocery store rudeness, a man named Buddy Acapella sang your upstart American National Anthem.

Topical as IWS Radio always is, they had their reprehensible Dutch whore/newsman interview THE Confederate flag. Who knew that Guy could sound halfway sober and a flag of all people could be so damn articulate and sensitive?

There's was plenty of good American patriotic music played as well. Even though I am unwillingly a part of the losing side of your revolution, me toes were a tappin'. The bad songs that they played moved me even more.

And by moved me me more, I mean that the bad music moved me to the kitchen in order to pour meself another dram of hooch!!

The climax of the show involved a lesbian and as well all know no matter in which country we reside, a climaxing lesbian is a very hot thing. Anyhoo...

The angelic and happily married lesbianetically married Angie spoke on her joy and the disdain of others that resulted from Friday's SCROTUS Gay Marriage ruling in the states. She was awesome, and indeed, if I was a lesbian, I would be looking her up.

And my American friends, believe it or not I, Robert the Taylor called in as well. That's right lad and lassies. They gave me a bit of shit about my heritage and my accent, but that is only because they are jealous that we Scots have a lakefront prehistoric monster swimming about and their self-serving American ears can only understand their own voices.

Anyhoo...the two blokes did a fine job of celebrating America and making fun of it at the same time, so give em' a listen, but make certain to pour yeself a strong drink prior to doing so...


jAMiE said...

That just made my day...always good to hear from a Scotsman who enjoys my favourite BTR show!

Yay Robert the Taylor

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