Monday, April 6, 2015

Jay and Matt Lost Their Religion Yesterday

Jay and Matt resurrected the laughter yesterday as IWS Radio celebrated the triumphant return of
Jesus to his upright position.

Matt and Jay while feeling bad for Kentucky basketball fans showed no mercy in mocking their irrational behavior and then proceeded to make fun of Big Blue Nation without caring if feelings got hurt.

Jay and Matt talked Easter food as well...Matt planned in having ham, scalloped corn, and potatoes, while Jay chose a more traditonal menu of a tortilla chips and leftover spaghetti.

Jesus did his stand-up act at Ha-Ha's in Haifa while Jesus' lesser known brother Festus, imparted some brotherly beatitudes upon us all.

Rev. Moneymaker tried to console and absolve from guilt one Pasty Ann Callahan, who admitted to masturbating while listening to IWS Radio.

Joshua is bringing the full force of Big Gay to anyone who dare stand in the way of hot lesbains and men who get overly excited when watching Top Gun.

Slyder Balzcock broke down the NCAA Final Four action and reported on Andrew Harrison's offer of congratulatory sex to Wisconsin big man Hank Karpinski.

Paul Piatt and Schmoop got into a bit of a tiff over a new intro and long time IWS fave Missalicious got rudely awakened by two morons who can't understand why people take naps at 1:45 PM on Easter Sunday.

All in all it was a heavenly and hilarious show and you can catch the frivolity of it all right here:

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