Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton Announces Her Love of IWS Radio!

Hell my fellow Americans! This isHillary Clinton and I want to try and clear up some nasty rumors going around the internet. I did not … I repeat … I DID NOT schedule my formal announcement that I will be running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States on Sunday just so I could gravy train off IWS Radio’s amazing success. I swear.

In fact, I LOVE IWS Radio and I’m VERY excited about this week’s show. Just check out what Matt-Man and Jayman will be talking about this week …

“Putting together a show that attracts a vast and diverse worldwide audience is a monumental task. Few people know the real struggle and effort it really takes though. This week Matt-Man and Jayman will take you behind the scenes of IWS Radio and give you a little glimps into the world if big-time internet radio.

Oh sure on the surface it all looks so glamorous. The fame, fortune, groupies and all the love and adoration from the fans. But, there's a dark side to internet radio too. The long hours Matt and Jay have to put in. The writes and re-writes of scripts trying to get it all perfect. The intense, seemingly never-ending prep sessions. THE PRESSURE!! Internet radio isn't for everybody.

And what of the IWS Players? Matt and Jay are such exacting taskmasters that the pressure on the Players is almost too much to take some weeks. Everyone at IWS Radio is so talented that the competition is fierce to get audios on the air. People put in so much effort tying to come up with something that will be acceptable to Matt and Jay that sometimes they break. The emotional toll can just be too much.

You will be amazed at everything you learn about the making of a hugely popular internet radio show. And, more importantly, you'll have a new found respect for Matt and Jay and the effort it takes to bring you this show every week. Plus, as always ... YOUR CALLS ... because the fans are the heartbeat of IWS Radio!”

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh baby! If there is ANYTHING I truly love doing, it’s sitting around and talking about process and “inside politics.” It makes me feel like a regular person sitting around at the country club with the ladies of the Bridge Club gossipin’. This week’s show is going to be so much fun! Totally listen to “Behind the Scenes of IWS Radio” and then remember to get out and support my campaign for President! God Bless IWS Radio and God Bless America!!! 

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