Monday, February 2, 2015

Yesterday's IWS Radio Show Was Great, But Katy Perry is Sad

Hola and Cheers gang!!  Matt-Man here and let me tell you…I am still on pins and needles from yesterday’s
exciting Super Bow XLIX, and by golly…

I am happy that the best team won, and I know you are too, and once I have a couple of pieces of toast and a cup of coffee or two, I’ll know which team that is.


On yesterday’s IWS Radio Show it was complete and utter organized comedic chaos!!

Let me tell ya…Bobby Kraft had some issues with the game of football, and Slyder Balzcock had some issues with the Super Bowl itself.

Sarcastic Sam was as usual, the biggest prick in the world until, Party Marty went off topic and asked, “Where’s Benihana?”

Katy Perry pre-emptively redeemed herself from her cartoon like halftime show by allowing her ample breasts to offer a shout out and greeting to our listeners.

IWS was entertained by a white Chinese guy, an African-American who was cut off after two minutes, and of course the lovely Mizz Lani, whose nephew was and is a member of yesterday’s World Champion NFL team…the New England Patriots.

Here’s to Lani, her nephew Nate Ebner, and Bill Belichick who can suck my ass and like it.

In addition to that, we heard from the uber-lovely and sexiest Canadian in the world Jamie Mapleleaf, and of course…

Our snippets of worst songs of the week left the world crying…even a spokesman from ISIS called and begged us to stop.  Air Supply provides the frontline to Islamo-Fascism.

There were other things going on as well, but the pizza guy is here and Schmoop is nearly naked, so…have a great Super Bowl Hangover and when you need some comfort today, just give yesterday’s IWS Radio show a listen…


I'm With Stupid said...

Katy Perry is a nice girl who tries hard to entertain folks. Or something.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: I'd like to feel her pain. Cheers!!