Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oscar Winner Marion Cotillard Loves IWS Radio!

Bonjour mes amis ! Je voulais juste rappeler à tous que vous regardez avant la nuit des Oscars dimanche , vous devriez écouter IWS Radio ! Il suffit de regarder combien d'amusement ils vont avoir cette semaine ...

"Matt-Man and Jayman both love movies. Sure, they might not have seen any of the movies nominated for this year's Oscars, but that doesn't stop them from having opinions about them. They've seen plenty of movies over the years and are here to celebrating the art of movie making and other stuff.

Matt and Jay have some strong feelings about what makes a great movie and which are their favorite movies and favorite actors. They'll break down their favorite movies, actors, directors, writers and talk about the challenges facing Hollywood today. Then they'll talk about the biggest Oscars snubs over the years and where The Oscars went wrong and totally ruined what should be the best awards show every year.

Our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be here to talk about whatever is on their minds too. Speaking of that, those phone lines are always open for anyone to call us up and express their opinions too. Just call 661.244.9852!"

Quel spectacle étonnant que cela va être! Je ne peux pas attendre pour l'écouter et je espère que vous vous joignez à moi! Ce est "Movie et Oscars Nuit Extravaganza" dimanche à 12 h HE le IWS Radio!