Monday, December 15, 2014

There Were No Survivors at the IWS Christmas Party

Greetings and Cheers…So much fun was had at yesterday’s IWS Radio Office Christmas Party that

somebody who shall remain nameless forgot to write today’s recap, so…

Let’s get bizzy with it.

Matt-Man lamented his unexpected divorce after twenty-seven years of what he thought was wedded bliss.

Jayman sympathized with him and then forced Matt to sing the Arkansas Razorbacks fight song since the University of Dayton basketball team was pummeled by the Hogs.

There were a ton of guests listening live in the chat room although Matt-Man couldn’t see any of them for part of the show.

Bobby Kraft livened up the party and Rev. Moneymaker’s dour mood erased all of Bobby’s good work.

Schmoop was pissed off more than usual and then had sex with Guy Ahnyurdyck.

Paul Piatt was drunk as a skunk and sniffing up some chick named Puddles.

Jesse Ferg sang about St. Nick and Joey Goodbar hailed in Hanukkah.

Beer Mine Beth, Missalicious, and Party Marty’s Voicemail answered our calls of celebration and a good time was had by all.

So kick back today and give yesterday’s 2014 IWS Radio Office Christmas Party a listen:


Katy Anders said...

Wait, there's a radio show that's part of this blog? When did THAT happen?

I'll bet it's hysterical.

Mike said...

Katy, be careful. They're probably just trying to sell you something. Like those financial seminars!

I'm With Stupid said...

Not only do we have a show Katy, but YOU are number one on our "Need to get that person on as a guest" list for 2015!