Monday, November 10, 2014

Ranting, Eating and Drinking

It was another somewhat awkward yet epic episode of IWS Radio this week. Special guest Mr. Bum Wine Bob was a little later than usual so Matt and Jay attempted to fill time and then got bailed out by a couple of hawt callers! We …

Discussed our weeks and engaged in some witty banter.

Talked about the proper way to pronounce “Ohio.”

Gave a quick analysis of the week in college football and Auburns devastating loss to Texas A&M.

The lovely and talented Gnetch AKA: Little Miss Sunshine ranted about men catcalling women.

Analyzed the catcall video and agreed that we are quite outraged by the behavior of those men.

Got a call from our good friend Gail Koverman! She talked about Cleveland, Rock Concerts, Tippecanoe and her favorite fast food joints.

Gideon Foresight was on hand to tell a few horoscopes.

Bobby Kraft tried his hand at stand-up comedy and brought the crowd at The Gigglezone in Redneckville to their feet.

Jamie Mapleleaf called in to keep us company for a while.

And then Bum Wine Bob called in and told us all about the awesomeness of the Bum Wine Lifestyle!

And? So much more!