Monday, November 3, 2014

Jay, Matt, and Mimi Jumped the Peace Shark

Yesterday…Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio Players had quite the time during their Peace, Pencil Skirts, and Politics Show.

For the first hour, they spoke with Mimi Lenox the Director at Blog Blast for Peace as she spoke about her determination to change the world into a peaceful place one “peace globe” at a time.

Cordial, light-hearted, and informative Mimi laid out her plans for a world full of peace, and left Jay and Matt following right behind her pencil skirt.

And then…The World turned dark.

Jay, Matt, and Bobby Kraft began to talk politics.

Jay had an awesome time at the early voting polls with an old, civically endowed, yet vapid lady who knows not how to verify a voter.

Matt-Man’s prodigal son returned, albeit briefly.

Jay and Matt relished the new hours at the Beer Mine as Matt may unwittingly end up with too much time on his hands.

Tom Pryor and Mark Cotton are in dire straits.

Kay Tillis in spite of McCain’s endorsement may lose.  And if so, it’s okay, McCain also endorsed Thom Hagan.

And while Jean Shaheen has lived in New Hampshire for years, she doesn’t realize that her carpet bagging alter ego Scott Brown has no clue that Montpelier is the capital…of Vermont.  What?

I know right!?  The show was all sorts of wacky, fucked up peaceful mayhem, but Jay and Matt kept it in perspective and all under control.

Jay and Matt also called Senate campaign headquarters across the land in search of inside information, and what they got from Joni Ernst, Bruce Braley, Tom Cotton, and Mark Pryor will shock you.


Give yesterday’s show a listen and tell your friends to listen as well, because with midterm elections coming up, they will finally realize what midterm elections really are.

But seriously listen to the show, and at least give peace a chance by listening to Mimi Lenox during the first hour of the show, she was awesome…


I'm With Stupid said...

After talking to Mimi and then celebrating Tom Cotton's big win I feel very much at peace.


I'm With Stupid said...

Same here. I keep envisioning Tom Cotton in a pencil skirt. Wait. What? Cheers Jayman!!