Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fast Foods and Bum Wines

Matt and Jay are excited to welcome Bum Wine Bob from and @_bumwine on Twitter! Bob will be here to discuss the greatness that is bum wine. He'll tell the IWS Nation what he loves about bum wines, which are the best to drink on a regular basis and which bum wines go best with wich foods. Bob will also talk about what an important role bum wine can play in the upcoming holidays. This should be very entertaining AND educational!

Matt and Jay will also be talking about their favorite Fast Foods. They'll talk about their favorite fast food joints and what makes them so good. Maybe they bring back good memories and maybe it's just the food! They'll also talk about their LEAST favorite fast food places and share the painful memories of those places.

Then Matt and Jaym might move on to fast food's heavily processed and even less healthy cousin Frozen Foods! TV Dinners, frozen pizzas and other microwavable ready-to-eat meals that we keep eating even though they leave us unsatisfied and hating ourselves. AAAAAAND ... Food Trucks! Who doesn't love food trucks?

As always our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be along to offer their special insight into these and other topics. This will show will be an intoxicating blend of food, firewater and frivolity including YOUR CALLS on "Eat Drink And Be Cheap Fast and Easy" on IWS Radio this Sunday at 12 Noon ET!! Matt and Jay will be hooked up to one of these: