Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Here's Why Everyone is So Angry

Hola y’all! It seems like almost everyone is just wandering around being grumpy all the time these days. We’re all in a bad mood and we’re taking it out on each other. But, WHY are we in such a bad mood all the time lately? Well …

We have to constantly worry that the guy standing in line in front of us at Walmart who can’t stop hacking and coughing might give us some nasty virus like Ebola. Oh sure, government officials keep telling us how hard it is to contract Ebola, but THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS might beg to differ:

Not only are we worried that we or our family and friends could catch something nasty we are also worried that our computers, tablets and mobile devices could too:

Because of that we find ourselves looking for a distraction. Maybe a distraction like Canadian tennis superstar Eugenie Bouchard in a bikini, eh?

Of course that kind of distraction leads us to engage in other no-so-wholesome activities:

But, halfway through that activity a little voice in our heads reminds us of something that ruins the mood:

So now we know that when we reach the Pearly Gates we’re gonna be asked why we were doing THAT and our only answer will be “I don’t know. Boobs.”

We all know how THAT will work out:

So that’s why we walk around town all day with a frown on our faces and are so grumpy all the time:

Damn, it’s enough to drive a man to drink:


I'm With Stupid said...

People are angry man, but we gotta overcome and have a few laughs. Cheer Jayman!!


Mike said...

'Butts' is a good alternative answer.

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt: People are indeed angry out there. AND I'M ONE OF THEM! Kind of.


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: That's probably the answer I would give.


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