Thursday, October 9, 2014

Announcers are Ruining Football

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa football fans! You know? I’m pretty much to the point where I have to mute NFL football games because of the announcers and “analysts.” The NFL guys annoy me because of the way they shower the QB and head coach with praise non-stop throughout the game.

No matter what is happening on the field the announcers heap praise on one or both of the starting quarterbacks throughout the game. A QB can take the snap, drop straight back heave the ball down field and the receiver can have to leap backward and catch the ball while standing on his head and the announcers will go bonkers over the “amazing” pass. If there happens to be a defensive player within ten feet of the QB when he throws the ball the announcers will praise him for showing so much courage in the face of a vicious pass rush.

The only time they stop praising the quarterback is when they want to blow sunshine up the head coach’s ass. Here’s a typical generic example …

Russell Wilson drops back to pass, the blitz gets through the line forcing the Wilson to scramble, he spins and runs to his right, but there are defenders there too, so, he reverses field, gives ground, cuts back to his left, sets his feet as best he can, heaves desperation pass wayyyyyyyyyy down the field, it gets tipped by a defensive back and the receiver makes a diving catch in the end zone.

What does the announcer say after that happens? WHAT A GUTSY PLAY CALL BY PETE CARROLL!!!”... This leaves the viewer saying WTF man?

I swear I can’t stand it anymore. According the people who announce NFL games a group of around eight white quarterbacks plus Russell Wilson are the GREATEST HUMAN BEINGS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! I’m not asking them to be honest and objective about the QB’s play each week, but if they could just tone it down a bit that would be nice.

College announcers tend to focus more on kissing the coach’s ass more than the player. They know the player will be gone soon enough, but the coach will be around for years and years. It’s pretty close to being as annoying as all the QB praise from the NFL guys, but college football is so much more fun to watch, it isn’t as annoying.

What does annoy me about college and NFL announcers equally is the stupid shit they say each week. I took some notes the last few weeks so I could share some real doozies with you.

- Lots of announcers say things like “The ‘young’ rookie” or “The ‘young’ freshman.” Really, a rookie in the NLF is “young?” A freshman in college is …. “YOUNG?” I never would have thought about that.  (Cris Collinsworth and Doug Flutie are the worst at this.)

- Guess what color the player who was described as having “cocky speed” was? Yeah, he was a “scrappy” white guy.

- “The last thing Coach Snyder needs from his team now is for them to force errors that are unnecessary.”  Wait. What?

- This was a great one …

Play-By-Play Guy: “Arkansas with their first meditative drive of the game.”
Analyst: *Long Pause* “Yeah, that was a very methodical drive.”
Play-By-Play Guy: “Right! That’s what I was going for! Methodical!”

I would love to see meditative offenses: “Okay you visualize yourself running a crossing route and running your defender into the umpire. YOU go to your happy place down the sideline. And you close your eyes, hold onto the ball tight and then manifest your dreams of yourself frolicking and running fast through a field into reality.”

- Another hilarious exchange…

Analyst: “The play was counterfeited at the point of attack.”
Play-By-Play Guy: “You mean compromised?”
Analyst: “Yeah, that too.”

- Out of bounds calls are complicated…

“The runner goes out of bounds, but for some reason they call him out of bounds.”
“It looks like they called him out of bounds when he stepped out of bounds.”

Great NLF analysis here…

“Joe Flacco needs to the throw the ball and the receivers need to catch the ball.”

And, some college QBs are very damn clever…

“You give this guy some options and he’ll take one!.”


Mike said...

I was watching Jay Randolph filling time during a baseball rain delay. He was heaping praise on anyone he could think of to fill time. He got to a point where he actually said, "I think I've run out of adjectives".

I'm With Stupid said...

Ha...I hear "young Freshman" all of the time. That one cracks me up. Cheers Jayman!!


Bum Wine Bob said...

I agree! I can't stand the announcing half the time.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Baseball announcers are usually just kind of goofy. I actually used to get a kick out Mike Shannon and Al Hrabosky back when I watched baseball.


I'm With Stupid said...

Matt: I laugh when I hear it too. Hell, once I heard a guy refer to a player as "young true freshman in his first year." I guess he was technically accurate.


I'm With Stupid said...

Bum Wine Bob: It's enough to drive a man to drink!