Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Observations, Epiphanies, and HUGE Heads

Over the past week or so I have noticed some things that disturb, confound, or just make me sit up and take notice.  I offer unto you a few observances that I haven’t spoken out about that have made me go Hmmmmm?

So if I may indulge myself upon your time on this gorgeous Tuesday, let me impart unto you those things that I have recently noticed.

I have always known that Brian Kilmeade…I mean, Brian “Women Can Get Pap Smears at Walgreen’s” Kilmeade is not a bright man, but I never knew he had an inane solution to end the problem of women such as Mrs. Janay Rice, getting beaten up in elevators…He said, “The Message is…next time take the stairs.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday that the latest Ray and Janay Rice video in the elevator that showed him punching her, was the first time the video had been seen in the NFL offices.  He then paused for a micro-second and added, “by all of us.”  Am I the only one who caught that odd addendum?

Chuck Woolery does a TV commercial for an arthritis/pain relief ointment called Australian Dream.  I have now seen that commercial numerable times and you know what I take away from that ad?

Chuck Woolery has a HUGE head.  I mean his noggin is GINORMOUS.  That boy has got one Sphinx-Sized think melon!!  Holy Shit!!

In other commercial related news…during the morning shows that I watch, I am now seeing a government PSA by the Department of Energy or something that gives tips on how to save on energy and on energy bills.

One of the tips tells people to turn DOWN their A/C (and shows the thermostat going down) when leaving the house…really?  You should actually turn the thermostat UP in order to reduce the running of your A/C unit.

Last night, I saw a report published via Twitter by a fave of the IWS Radio Show one Ezra Klein, that says that 50% of women in America have been physically abused.  And what did I take away from his report?

While I don’t think that that is true, I do think that 100% of “news” organizations will jump on a headline bandwagon any chance they get.


This past Sunday’s IWS Radio Show about feminism ‘n’ such is doing really well.  We thank everyone for listening live, and if you have a moment, give the show a listen in archives.  It has some really funny moments and we would appreciate your support.

You can catch this past Sunday’s show by clicking HERE.



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I'm With Stupid said...

Brian Kilmeade is a freaking riot! Damn, that dude should be headlining in Vegas instead of wasting his amazing comedic talents on morning TV.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Brian Kilmeade is AMAZING. Cheers Jayman!!


Katy Anders said...

As usual, the Fox boys are making a great point. Women are just encouraging men to knock them unconscious if they get into an enclosed space with them.

I mean, if I get into an elevator with a man, I generally expect them to knock me unconscious and then drag me halfway out of the elevator with my skirt up.

Unfortunately, this kind of wicked truth can't be said in the liberal mainstream media!

FoxNews #1!

I'm With Stupid said...

Katy: I'm just glad I ended my habit of beating the crap out of women in elevators long before they put cameras in them. Cheers Katy!!


Edyta said...

Omg, he DOES have a huge head.

I also know 2 people with extremely huge heads, they never buy hats... Because they can't. Heads. too. huge.


I'm With Stupid said...

Edyta: I have a big head too; that is why I can only wear sombreros. Cheers Hot Stuff!!