Monday, August 25, 2014

Mariah Carey, Abby Huntsman in an IWS Three-Way

Season FIVE of IWS Radio got off to a wacky start. Matt and Jay were kind of all over the place.

Matt-Man talked about HIS intestinal problems this week.

Jayman talked about the Tea Party problems in Redneck County, Arkansas

Jessie Ferg showed up in the chat room and did a new bumper for us with such enthusiasm he caught Matt-Man off guard.

Matt and Jay discussed the OUTRAGE that is the Dominican Republic banning a Miley Cryus concert on morality grounds.

Matt and Jay joined in with the residents of Ferguson, Missouri throwing rocks at MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Bobby Kraft gave us his ideas for him in Season Five while he also gave a shout out to Mariah Carey.

Paul Piatt read a beautiful poem by THE Ohio State University super fan Frank Blatz.

The Alarmist Weatherman had a strange run in with Dusty Sandman who is a bit confused as to how the whole Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS works.

Matt and Jay discussed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and how some people are clearly cheating by using warm weather. Like Mitt Romney and Abby Huntsman (Editor’s Note: RAWR!)

Don Lemon got pushed around by a raging racist cop and Jay got unfollowed by someone on Twitter who supported the racist cop.

Jay came up with some ideas for Ferguson’s upcoming re-branding efforts.

Singen Burke from Latte of Shallot dropped by.  

Reverend Moneymaker called out both Guy AND Drew Peacock this week as his downward spiral continues.

And sooooooooo much more!!! Definitely check it out! 

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