Saturday, July 12, 2014

MSJS Gettin' Cray-Cray

Matt: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers!
Jay: Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Matt: Long time no talk man.
Jay: Seems like it’s been years.
Matt: How long HAS it been?
Jay: 10 days?
Matt: Damn, where DOES the time go?
Jay: I don’t know man!
Matt: We can’t let so much time go by like that again.
Jay: Well …
Jay: Well, there was Facebook and Twitter and
Matt: Yeah, but that’s not the same as a good old fashioned phone call!
Jay: Good point! People should just call 870-688-2906 anytime!
Matt: OR they could call 937-324-1798
Jay: Either number would result in a good time!
Matt: You know what number is an even BETTER TIME?
Jay: 661-244-9852 BITCHES!

Matt: Damn right! The IWS Radio hotline is open from 12-2 ET on Sundays!
Jay: And it will be again this Sunday!
Matt: Yeah, we have to get back at it before John Boehner sues us for not doing our jobs!
Jay: I’d like to see him try it!
Matt: We’re next on his list after Obama!
Jay: Bring it on!
Matt: We’ll kick his ass.
Jay: We’re WAYYYYYY more ruthless than Obama.
Matt: My cat Corky is more ruthless than Obama!
Jay: Cats can be pretty ruthless though.
Matt: My cardboard cutout Nigel is more ruthless than Obama!

Matt: Umm … what are we gonna talk about this week?
Jay: IDK man. Vacation has sapped my creativity.
Matt: Do you have any stories from your vacation?
Jay: Oh body do I!
Matt: I have a couple myself.
Jay: I think I see something coming together here!
Matt: It’s amazing how quickly we get back into it.
Jay: It’s just like sex, man. You can always get back into it quickly.
Matt: Damn right!
Jay and Matt: OR SO I’VE HEARD! Hey-OOOOOOO!
Jay: So I’ve got a trip to a distillery, public urination and beer.
Matt: I’ve got old man day drinking on Sunday and other stuff.
Jay: We can make that work.
Matt: Oh sure.
Jay: I bet our correspondents have vacation stories.
Matt: God only knows what a couple of them got into.
Jay: I’m almost afraid to ask.
Matt: And there’s the Deli Queen!
Jay: Mmmmmmmm … Deli Chicks are hot!
Matt: They know how to handle your meat!
Matt: Maybe we can get some hot music action from Jaxxx?
Jay: Oh hell yes!
Matt: Dude, this is all coming together nicely.
Jay: I think we’re ready.
Matt: Let’s do it!

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