Saturday, July 19, 2014

Matt Said, Jay Said...I'll Take IWS Radio For 1,000 Alex

Matt:  Oh hell…Hiya Chuckles I am late to the party.
Jay:  I know…what’s up with that?

Matt:  Instead of taking a post-prep shower, I decided at the last minute to take a pre-prep shower.

Jay:  How was it?
Matt:  Warm, wet, and wonderful.
Jay:  Ummmmmm…Aight. Anyhoo…

Matt:  You mentioned that perhaps this week, we should do a quiz show.

Jay:  Yeah, it’ll be fun.  We can talk about all of those zany online quizzes we take.
Matt:  You mean like the one ones on buzzfeed and elsewhere that you suck me into taking?
Jay:  Exactly…They’re fun.
Matt:  They are like the recess we take after long hours of putting together an award winning radio show.
Jay:  True dat.

Matt:  We could talk about the results we got from the quizzes we have taken.
Jay:  Oh hell yeah, and we could talk about quiz shows and game shows.
Matt:  Who doesn’t like a good quiz show like…say…Jeopardy?
Jay:  Who are…Communists, Alex!!
Matt:  Damn right!!

Jay:  We could ask each other trivia questions.
Matt:  Hell yeah…A few legitimate historical, political, sports, and/or entertainment questions.
Jay:  And to keep the rollercoaster of hilarity rolling, some off the mainstream pop culture questions.
Matt:  I think we’re on to something.
Jay:  Are we?
Matt:  What?  We aren’t?

Jay:  Well hell yeah we are; I was merely practicing for the show by asking you a question.
Matt:  You are so fucking professional.
Jay:  I know, right?
Matt:  Practicing with a question again?
Jay:  No, that was merely a current societal response which means, “Yes, I know.”

Matt:  We could talk about game shows we’d like to see.
Jay:  We could have Bobby Kraft and Slyder Balzcock engage in a battle of wits.
Matt:  That would be entertainingly infantile.
Jay:  We could also do a real time quiz to see who is OUTRAGED that we haven’t been featured on BTR for weeks!!
Matt:  I know I am!!

Jay:  Man…This quiz shit is awesome and a mother lode of quality entertainment.

Matt:  We are going to score a daily double with this show.

Jay  Damn right…Oh hey!!
Matt:  What?

Jay:  One question we have to ask each other…
Matt:  What?
Jay:  Which famous radio personality do we think we each reflect?
Matt:  Nice…And, people could call in and say which IWS Radio personality that THEY most reflect?

Jay:  Pfffffffff…We’re fucking geniuses.
Matt:  We’re ready, and I still need to towel off.
Jay:  Please do so quickly, and ewwwwwww.
Matt:  Later.
Jay:  Byeeeeeeeee.

To join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team for their Online Quizzes Plus Trivia Fun and Games show from Noon-2 PM ET tomorrow on Blog Talk Radio, you click right HERE!!

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