Monday, June 9, 2014

More Taylor Swift As We Celebrate The Month of June

Hi…A thoughtful Matt-Man here breaking down all of the IWS Radio excitement for ya.

Yesterday, we had a show and it was awesome.  We talked about poisons as far as food, drink, and people or something.

Jay and I also talked about some of the sexy tweaking we may make to the show in the upcoming weeks, annnnnd….

Bobby Kraft was there; so was Guy Ahnyurdyck, as was Schmoop, and Miss Mapleleaf herself, Jamie.

However, and dig it…

John McCain chimed in several times, as he went back and forth over the prisoner swap involving Bowe Bergdahl.

Giada de Laurentiis was there as well, as she demanded that we all enjoy her new high brow restaurant whether we want to or not, and if we can’t;  then we shant…

Jay and Matt were their usual personable and hilarious selves as they choreographed the amusement that took place.

So give it a listen right c'here:

Oh look just like last week, we pay for a service and the show won't embed to our website...That's seems downright unneighborly, and well...out of the terms of service.

Anyhoo, you can catch all of the IWS Radio hilarity right HERE and preferably HERE.

Anyway, my day is gonna be great, as I stick my middle finger up the ass of BTR and enjoy the day that has broken.