Thursday, May 29, 2014

We're Setting Kids Up for Failure and They Deserve It

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So, the other day I’m hanging out with the Jaymom when this happens…

Jaymom: M.E. is gotta go to Little Rock cause for her granddaughter’s graduation.
Jay: She’s graduating? Already?
Jaymom: And going to Central next year and will be a cheerleader.
Jay: That’s great, I guess.
Jaymom: And they’re coming up here for the 4th of July and the granddaughter doesn’t want to. So M.E. told them “maybe she could stay with a friend” and M.E’s son said “NO! The family is going to spend the 4th together and that means she will be with the family!”

Jay: Well okay then. I’m sure she’ll be so pleasant to be around.
Jaymom: I told M.E. she just has to hang on for two more years and she’ll be 18 and he can’t control her anymore.
Jay: True. Wait … You said she graduated and was going to Univ. of Central Arkansas next year.
Jaymom: What? Oh no! She graduated junior high and is going to Central High in Little Rock next year.

Jay: Oh for crying out loud! No … No … No … You only graduate TWICE! When you graduate high school and when you graduate college. That’s it! That’s the graduation list! You don’t graduate from pre-school and kindergarten and grade school and middle school and junior high school. Just high school and college. Sure, you can get advanced degrees and shit, but that’s all a bonus and doesn’t hold the same significance.

This is part of what’s wrong with kids today you know? They finish high school and they already have a wall full of diplomas and they think they’ve accomplished so damn much when in fact they haven’t accomplished a damn thing. It’s not like getting a high school diploma is all that difficult to do. I mean, if you’re a really crappy student you get passed along under what they call “social promotion” so you are around people in your own age group and if you put out any effort whatsoever at all you finish with a good enough GPA to get into community college or most state schools.

That’s why they started all this Advanced Placement crap. That’s the group of kids who have rich parents, parents who are “prominent” members of the community, or parents who are on the school board or are just popular kids. This is where the real grade inflation takes place. They get extra credit for being in these AP classes so they can separate them from the poor kids and middle class kids. That’s why the top dozen graduates all have over a 4.00 gpa!

So then you have these kids who have never struggled, never had to deal with any adversity graduating high school and they think their lives are gonna be so cushy and easy. Especially kids from these rich families. Nobody has ever said “no” to them and it never crosses their mind that someone might actually say “no” to them someday. So, the first time things go badly for them they fall apart.

Girls run into adversity and they become bitter feminists or start developing terrible self-confidence issues and maybe even an eating disorder and that just makes things worse. Aaaaaaaand the first time a boy gets told “no” will be by a girl and he’ll be so enraged that he will start calling all women “whores” and “cunts” and other names and eventually he’ll grab a couple of semi-automatic guns and mow down the neighborhood or shoot up a movie theater!


Jaymom: *blink* *blink* …. Do you feel better?
Jay: A little
Jaymom: Wanna get pizza and watch a movie on Netflix?
Jay: Sure!


I'm With Stupid said...

I am so glad that two of you, could work through the two of yours difficulties. Cheers Jayman!!


Mike said...

When the meme ended with who the hell cares, I thought you were heading in another direction. The one where you hear, 'My friends stepsons' real mothers' friends' aunts dog just had 10 puppies and here's what they named them all.' WHO THE HELL CARES!

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: When someone asks if I want to order pizza, I let go of all ranty rant rants immediately.


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: I like to fake people out like that.


Edyta said...

This just goes to show that everything can be solved with movies and pizza. Duh.

Also, I agree. Only 2 graduations. Enough!