Saturday, May 3, 2014

We Got Your La Cucaracha Right Here: MSJS

Matt hablas, Jay hablas, You take a siesta.

Matt: Cheers!
Jay: Hola! How’s you?
Matt: Excellent! How you be?
Jay: Great! I’ve got our lawyers working on a bid to by the Clippers
Matt: Excellent idea!
Jay: It’s all about diversifying and branding.
Matt: And diversifying our brand.
Jay: And groupies
Matt: Definitely. As long as they don’t look like V. Stiviano
Jay: True, although I am following her on Instagram now.
Matt: I would expect nothing less from you.
Jay: We need to get her on the show.
Matt: That would be epic!
Jay: I’m sure she’s a sweet girl
Matt: A combination of Leona Helmsley, Sarah Palin, Nancy Grace and Sidney Leathers.
Jay: Sooooooooooo hawt!
Matt: Good day for the blog on FB.
Jay: That hippie chick helped get views
Matt: That’s sweet of her
Jay: The “gratuitous hot chick pic” is kind of sad though
Matt: But, necessary
Jay: Right! We’re in the business of clicks, views and listens.
Matt: And likes and stars!
Jay: And ….. groupies.
Matt: Just keeping it real.
Jay: And respectful.
Matt: As much as we can anyway.
Jay: True

Jay: Gotta be careful with those groupies though.
Matt: Always use protection.
Jay: That and they’re dangerous.
Matt: Scheming!
Jay: Conniving!
Matt: They’re after our fame and fortunes.
Jay: They might set us up and record US!
Matt: They might “Sterling” us!
Jay: We gotta make sure we don’t get Sterling’d!!
Matt: Damn, might not be worth it.
Jay: Probably isn’t.
Matt: Well it’s good that we don’t have any.
Jay: Saved us from ourselves!

Jay: So lots going on this weekend and next week.
Matt: The Kentucky Derby is Saturday.
Jay: And Cinco de Mayo on Monday
Matt: And the NFL Draft next week.
Jay: I think that will fill a show.
Matt: It’s also Phil Diller’s birthday!
Jay: OMG! He will be partying!
Matt: And Guy is going to Tijuana
Jay: LOVE that place!
Matt: You’ve been there?
Jay: Nope.
Matt: Well if we need filler, pretend you have.
Jay: I’ve been to the SW side of San Antonio.
Matt: Close enough! 
Jay: Bobby Kraft, Slyder Ballzcock and more!
 Matt:  A bit about the NFL Draft.
Jay: And college football thieves.
Matt: And what we would do if we bought the Clippers.
Jay: THAT would be awesome!
Matt: It would be cray-cray!
Jay: We would change the NBA forever.
Matt: And it’s World Laughter Day!
Jay: Oh shit! We’ll be all over that!
Matt: That day was named for us!
Jay: Oh this is gonna be HUGE!
Matt: What an epic show this is gonna be.
Jay: I kind of can’t wait now.
Matt: Me either!

So be sure to tune into “Ponies, PiƱatas and Playas” on IWS Radio this Sunday at 12 Noon ET!!! 


I'm With Stupid said...

Only the power and talent of IWS Radio could cover this much hilarious action in one show. Cheers!!


Katy Anders said...

Y'all really believe that you could manage not to say anything controversial as owners of an NBA team?

I have my doubts: Hell, no one would even have to secretly tape you, because y'all tape yourselves and purposely put it out on the web for everyone to hear.

This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

jAMiE said...

And what a fine show it was!

You guys worry me though...can't believe you follow V. Stiviano.....ugh! Just make sure you do NOT get Sterling'd.

That should be a word now, by the way....get it trending!

ps..since i am writing this on Cinco de Mayo..i think i will have that siesta you guys mentioned!
Go me!

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