Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Veterans Deserve a Better Country to Die For

Holaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s Memorial Day stream of consciousness style…

Hooo-Weee we sure do love America and our veterans. Well, on certain days we do anyway. We love the veterans on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day and the Fourth of July and maybe on V-E Day if we think about it. Oh sure we proved how much we love veterans by sharing a cool Thank You Veterans pic on Facebook or RT’d someone’s salute to the veterans on Twitter. What more can we actually do, right? I have no doubt that we honor America’s Veterans all the time. We just especially do when we see the pic we need to share but we don’t share those pics or tweets because we really mean that shit. We share it because we need everyone to THINK we mean that shit. Same goes for when we're outraged by something someone did or said. 

The fact of the matter is we don’t really care. Don’t tell me you really do because you don’t. No one really does. The plight of wounded veterans makes for good stories on TV and is brilliantly used as a rallying cry for us but that’s all. Oh stop it! I know you’re outraged by the latest VA scandal which isn’t actually all that new. I’m sure you were outraged by it in 2007 when this shit actually started you just forgot you were outraged until you were told to be again the last couple of weeks. The reason I know you don’t care is because our elected officials don’t care and you guys are going to send almost all of them back to Washington in November. That’s right kids, the current congress which has the lowest approval rate in the history of this country will still enjoy a 98 or 99% reelection rate. Way to go outraged American who’s had enough!

You know it only took 15 minutes for congress to change the name of French Fries to Freedom Fries, but it took 15 MONTHS to pass Sen. Jim Webb’s new GI Bill. That bill was finally passed and signed just about when the scandal at Walter Reed Hospital broke. A scandal which continues to this day. But it depends on which political party you support as to how you look at that. If you’re a democrat Walter Reed was a perfect example of how the republicans talk big but don't actually give a shit about our veterans. If you’re a republican the fact that this continues to this day is proof that Obama and the democrats loathe the military and hate our veterans and America and are rooting for our enemies.

So we point fingers at each other and claim the other side is solely to blame for the dismal state of affairs at the VA rather than actually demanding that something be done about it. Because doing “something” might actually take effort and money and nobody is willing to do that. Instead we make a big show about how much we love our veterans and what great Americans we are and how outraged we are! But, whatever you guys in Washington do don’t make this painful or expensive to fix! Just fire a couple of people hold a few hearings and issue a SCATHING REPORT that will have enough red meat for both political parties to chew on a spit out at the other side.


I'm With Stupid said...

Annnnnd, while we are all are being spontaneously outraged, let us all put a magnetic ribbon sticker on our cars, and let everyone know that WE support our troops. Nice job Jayman. Cheers!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Nothing says "I love America" like slapping a .99 cent "Support Our Troops" magnet made in China on the back of the SUV!


Mike said...

"...French Fries to Freedom Fries."

When are we going to send the Statue of Liberty back to France?

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: We would but those people wouldn't appreciate it.