Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ann Coulter Knows the Truth About Bring Back Our Girls

Hola? I’m supposed to start this post by saying “Hola?” I’m a fucking American! I don’t say “Hola” like some Rio Grande swimming, fence-jumping, desert-traversing Mexican heading over here for some welfare, Obamacare and a free Obamaphone. I say “Hello” like a normal white Christian American!

So, Hello everyone, Ann Coulter here guest posting on IWS to talk about this silly “Bring Back Our Girls” crap. We’ll start with the words “our girls.” Seriously, they’re “OUR” girls? We own them? I don’t think so! They don’t belong to us. For all we know they all went willingly! 

Yeah, did anyone think of that? Maybe they got sick and tired of their school pushing a socialist-liberal agenda on them? Maybe they’ve had enough of all the Christian-bashing going on in the public schools so they agreed to go and be properly educated by these Boko Haram guys? If it was 235 WHITE girls do you think the Obama or liberal media or Hollywood would give a shit? Not even if it was 235,000! Finally, maybe they all just wanted to take music lessons from the guys who recorded the classic “Whiter Shade of Pale?” I know I would.

You guys do realize that none of this could possibly happen without Barack Obama’s consent, right? Oh come on! How hard is it to figure this out? Obama becomes president and immediately sets out to turn this country into a third-world socialist hellhole and lets it be known in the Arab world that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over.

Everything is going to plan too. They took over in Egypt. Then they took over in Libya. Why did we let them take over in those two countries? Because Obama wanted them too! As far as he was concerned Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi we there for the white folks and he wanted his own people in place. So, he told the Brotherhood to take over no matter what it took. Then he called his own personal Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton and told her to cut security in Benghazi and got Christopher Stevens killed.

Maybe he didn’t intend to get Stevens killed. Stevens might have just been collateral damage. That’s something that has never bothered the Clintons and probably doesn’t bother Obama either. They can hold all the hearings they want, they’ll never nail anyone over Benghazi either. Once Obama enlisted Hillary in support of the Muslim Brotherhood he got the whole Clinton Criminal Apparatus at his disposal. I appreciate the efforts being made to get to the truth, I’m just skeptical that it’s possible to do so.

After that The Brotherhood took out Malaysian Airlines Flight M370. How do I know it was the Muslim Brotherhood acting on behalf of Obama? Because nobody can find the damn plane, that’s how! How convenient that the place can’t be found and thus all evidence of what REALLY happened will also never be found!

Which brings us back to the 235 girls who were allegedly taken in Nigeria. Don’t you guys see what’s happening? Nigeria is an oil rich country. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to take control of all these oil rich countries! Obama is letting them doing! It’s all part of his lifelong dream that begun when he was a little Muslim kid going to a Madrassa in Indonesia. And where is Indonesia? Right next to Malaysia! Uh-huh! It’s not hard to connect these dots bitches! Wake up people!

So, do I care that 235 girls have been taken by this radical group? Of course I do! But, not for the same reasons that you do. I care for the RIGHT reasons. Barack, Michelle, P Diddy, Ellen, Drake and all the rest of those liberal pussies are blind to the truth! They’ve been enlisted in an elaborate ruse set up by Barack Obama. This is why I weep for America and freedom. The only thing that makes me sadder is the continuing inexplicable success of IWS Radio.



I'm With Stupid said...

In spite of all of her "fact" producing innuendo, unlike-ability, and failures as a pleasant human being in general, I do like Ann's projection and prediction of the future of IWS Radio. Cheers Jayman!!


#BringBackOurGirls# said...

Just for the record, this hashtag campaign was started by Nigerians in Nigeria and directed at the Nigerian government. So, "our" girls here has no nexus with you.

Of course, you are each individually welcome to join us (and we are certainly glad for all who have freely opted to) or to elct to stay away, but it is in extremely poor taste to mock us. Thanks.

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: She's pretty much the most horrible person on the face of the Earth.


I'm With Stupid said...

#BringBackOurGirls: If you scroll down a bit you'll see that we are in full support of "our" girls. This post was mocking Ann Coulter who is a huge scumbag who was the one mocking #BringBackOurGirls. The post is satire.