Saturday, March 1, 2014

Matt Said, Jay Said...Genevieve Morton Said

Matt sacrifices for Lent…Jay opts not to…You weep for The Lord.

Matt:  Howdy Mr. Man.
Jay:  How you’se?
Matt:  Just dandy, in spite of the weather still being a cold, steamy pile of shit.
Jay:  Can a cold pile of shit actually steam?
Matt: Well…I guess I mixed a metaphor…or an idiom…or…something.
Jay:  That’s okay.  This winter has been brutal for all of us, and has lead to atrophy of our brains.
Matt:  Yep…What?

Jay:  Anyhoo…With Lent beginning this Wednesday, we could talk about all things Lent-related.
Matt:  That’s a brilliant idea.  There has evidently been no apostrophe of your brain.
Jay:  It’s called atroph---never mind, and thank you.
Matt:  You’re welcome.

Jay:  We could talk about what we may or may not give up for Lent.
Matt:  We could talk about famous people we would like to give up for Lent.
Jay:  And/or sacrifice.
Matt:  Even Better!!

Jay:  Some people give up certain foods, like sweets, meat, bread.  We could…
Matt:  We could provide alternative menus for those who do!!
Jay:  Exactly!!  Perhaps your brain is becoming less apostrpopheed.
Matt:  What?
Jay:  What?

Matt:  We could talk about faith or lack thereof.
Jay:  We could talk about what some of the more famous people might want to give up for The Lord.
Matt:  Excellent.
Jay:  I know, right?

Matt:  Paul Piatt, Tammy Tibbles, Slyder Balzcock among others could chime in.
Jay:  Perhaps Rev. Moneymaker, and one pissed off Kirk Douglas will be there with the weather.
Matt:  Also we’ll have some Lenten style, Lord lovin’ music.
Jay:  And we could also ha…


Hi folks super sexy, ultra-hot Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Genevieve Morton here for IWS Radio with a HUGE announcement.

Me, myself, and my most amazing set of tits, are here to announce that Jay, Matt, and IWS Radio are back on at Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.

I told the sexy, dynamic duo, that I didn't like them being on from 8-10 PM on Sundays, because I missed listening to them LIVE while lying naked and writhing about in my bed during Sunday brunch, so…

These two giants of international internet radio, capitulated to me and my amazing rack, and responded…

“So let it be requested; so let it be done.”  And then of course…they giggled like twelve year old boys.

Anyway…Yes, Jay and Matt will be talking Lent.  Yes it will be funny as hell, and yes…They will be on LIVE tomorrow from NOON-2 PM ET on the BTR Network.

Make sure you make a note of the time change, listen LIVE, and call-in at 661.244.9852, because…

The more people I see in that chat room, and the more people I hear calling in, the more I will touch myself while spilling a mimosa and scrambled eggs all over my writhing brunch-time body.

To listen LIVE and imagine me writhing from Noon-2 PM ET tomorrow, click right HERE.


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