Saturday, March 22, 2014

Matt Said Jay Said 3212104

Matt and Jay conversate while you get lost in their eyes.

Matt: I really don’t think yelling is necessary.
Jay: You don’t?
Matt: No, it’s just a personal preference though.
Jay: Well, I want you to be happy so I won’t yell.
Matt: That’s nice, thanks.
Jay: So what’s for dinner?
Jay: Damn, that no bread Lent thing is a struggle, yo!
Matt: I’m either having an omelet or chicken nuggets.
Jay: Or a chicken nugget omelet?
Matt: That doesn’t sound good.
Jay: Well, it’s no TUNA PIZZA!
Matt: Hey now, that was pretty good.
Jay: I doubt it.
Matt: Have you ever tried it?
Jay: No, I have too much self-respect for that.
Matt: Oh I doubt THAT!

Jay: *tap … tap … tap … tap*
Matt: What the hell are you doing now?
Jay: Nothing
Matt: You’re doing something. I can hear it.
Jay: I was just tapping my pen on the desk.
Matt: Well you need to stop.
Jay: I’m burning off nervous energy.
Matt: Well, can’t you do that some other way.
Jay: I can, but I need something to do with my hands.
Matt: Ewwwwwwwww
Jay: You brought it up.
Matt: See if you can just sit still for a while, would ya?
Jay: I’ll do what I can.
Matt: Now I know why Mrs. Langston beat you with a yard stick.
Jay: Damn, that bitch was mean.
Matt: I’m thinking she had to be.
Jay: Well, maybe.

Jay: So what are we talking about this week?
Matt: Well, we’re kind of in a dead period.
Jay: Yeah, there’s not much happening.
Matt: I’m thinking it might be a lost weekend.
Jay: I’ve had a few of those, back in the day.
Matt: Haven’t we all dude, haven’t we all.
Jay: So that’s what we’re talking about?
Matt: Well, not THAT. Just kind of a hodgepodge of stuff though.
Jay: Oh, like March Madness, MH370, CNN idiocy.
Matt: Yeah. National Chip and Dip Day.
Jay: Sure .. Wait .. What?
Matt: Sunday is National Chip and Dip Day.
Jay: Well hell, we MUST celebrate that!
Matt: Right? Also, it’s the dog days of lent.
Jay: Yup. And I’m sure other news of the weird type stuff will come up.
Matt: We’ll here from Schmoop, Slyder and Paul Piatt?
Jay: Okay! Plus Drew Peacock, A movie review w/ Joshua aaaanndddd.
Matt: Some rockin' Aunt Jackie action???
Jay: Oh hail yes!
Matt: There will be no Tammy Tibbles though.
Jay: Damn. Hey! I could ask her brother Tommy if he could fill in!
Matt: Brilliant!
Jay: Or, Ma Tibbles if she’s up to it.
Matt: Even better. That whole damn family is talented.
Jay: It’s amazing!
Matt: And so are we!
Jay: Damn right!!!
Matt: This is gonna be HUGE!
Jay: I can’t wait!!

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