Saturday, February 15, 2014

Matt Said, Jay Said...Unfocused Like A Fox

Matt’s mind wanders…Jay’s think melon is distracted, you ask…Can’t the two of you focus on one thing?

Matt:  What up dawg?
Jay:  Nothing other than getting ready to enjoy some temps in the 50’s as soon as Friday.
Matt:  Ohhhhh…goooood…fooooor…yooooou.
Jay:  I thought you’d be happy for me.
Matt:  Eh, actually I am, at least one of us isn't miserable weather-wise.
Jay:  We could talk about that this Sunday.
Matt:  Talk about what?

Jay:  Talk about this miserable winter FINALLY showing signs of departing.
Matt:  We could do that, because it’s suppose to moderate here next week.
Jay:  But then again, we should also talk about the happenings in Sochi.
Matt:  True…The Olympics will be winding down this Sunday.
Jay:  We should talk about how those fucking Norwegians are cheating their way to the top.
Matt:  I HATE the Norwegians, and their crimes against humanity within their prisons.

Jay:  Okay…We’ll talk weather and the Olympics.  Cool.
Matt:  But Jayman…This Monday is also President’s Day; we should touch on that as well.
Jay:  Yeah.  You’re right.  Okay we’ll do some funny Presidential stuff as well.
Matt:  Hail to the Funny!!
Jay:  We’ll impeach all of the President’s through humor.
Matt:  We’ll skewer them with four score and seven jokes.
Jay:  Okay, okay…save it for the show.
Matt:  Aight.

Jay:  Okay…We’ll talk weather, Olympics, and President’s Day.  Cool.
Matt:  And we should probably re-cap Valentine’s Day.
Jay:  Good point.  We'll figure out and report on how many millions of worthless dollars were spent.
Matt:  And get a body bag count of how many people died from a broken heart.

Jay:  Okay…We’ll talk weather, Olympics, President’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.  Cool.
Matt:  Wow…we’re going to be all over the place topic wise.
Jay:  I know…Hmmmmmm?  Maybe we need some help covering all of this.
Matt:  Well…I can ask Stubby Stonehenge, Phil Diller, Malcolm Eckstein, and Tammy Tibbles to weigh in.
Jay:  Excellent.  I’ll see if Dixie Ozark, Martin, Joshua, and maybe Aunt Jax are available.

Matt:  Holy Cow…This is going to be a huge and diverse show!!
Jay:  Just like our IWS Radio audience.
Matt:  It’s gonna be a veritable potpourri of information and laughter!!
Jay: It’s gonna be a Potpourri Extravaganza!!

Matt and Jay:  What a great title…Potpourri Extravaganza!!
Jay:  News!!
Matt:  Weather!!
Jay:  Sports!!

Matt:  I think we are more than ready.
Jay:  I know we are.
Matt:  We’re fucking geniuses…er…genii.
Jay:  It’s okay…geniuses sounds better.
Matt:  Word.
Jay:  Byyyyyyyyye.
Matt:  Byyyyyyyye.

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I'm With Stupid said...

We're just gonna set the world on fire and watch the motherfucker burn. Or something like that.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Ha...Indeed. We will leave no story unturned, no matter how insignificant it may be to others. Cheers Jayman!!