Saturday, February 22, 2014

Matt Said, Jay Said, In Written Form

Matt mumbles, Jay grumbles You listen intently. 

Matt: Well hey there!
Jay: Hidy Ho!
Schmoop: Hiya!
Jay: Oh hey there Schmoopalicious!
Schmoop: Matt had to pee
Jay: Already?
Schmoop: It’s cold here this morning.
Jay: Oh, I understand.
Schmoop: Luckily he’s a great multitasker.
Jay: True. Wait. What?
Schmoop: He’s prepping for show prep while peeing.
Jay: Oh okay.
Schmoop: Unfortunately he pees really fast and doesn’t get much prep done.
Jay: Man, things just never work out for that guy.
Schmoop: IKR?
Jay: You didn’t pee all over the seat did you?
Matt: God no! I’m not some kind of savage.
Jay: That’s good to know.
Matt: You probably just pee all over everywhere don’t you?
Jay: Noooooooooo … I do my best to maintain control.

Matt: Uh-huh … You quiet always in control types are dangerous.
Jay: Nah. When I blow it won’t be something that simple.
Matt: Any chance I can get a little warning so I’m not in the blast zone?
Jay: I’ll see what I can do.
Matt: Maybe you should aim your blast at From You Flowers?
Jay: Oh we will!
Matt: We’ll have to shoehorn that into the show Sunday.
Jay: We’re not just letting that go.
Matt: We can’t! 
Jay: We’re here to defend the good and decent people from shitty companies.
Matt: That’s right. We stand for truth, justice and the American way.
Jay: Totally.
Matt: Standing up for the little guy!
Jay: Holding people and corporations to the highest of standards.
Matt: Just like we do for ourselves.
Jay: Absolutlehahahahahaha … I mean, damn right!
Matt: Or something.

Jay: So it’s time for another show about writing?
Matt: Damn, this is so creepy.
Jay: What?
Matt: I was just thinking the same thing.
Jay: Man, that’s scary.
Matt: We can talk all about writing.
Jay: Oh yeah. Authors, books, the writing process.
Matt: Different styles of writing.
Jay: Who gets to call himself a writer.
Matt: Oh that one is getting tough.
Jay: Yeah, we’ll have to break that down for people.
Matt: In a totally fair and honest way.
Jay: That’s the only way we know how.
Matt: We can talk about what kind of writing we would LIKE to do.
Jay: How much we love to write UNLESS WE HAVE TO!
Matt: Then it’s more about getting it done than anything.
Jay: Yup and trying to include “click bait”
Matt: That’s a problem sometimes.
Jay: We can also talk about writing movies and TV shows.
Matt: And songwriting.
Jay: Oh hell yes!
Matt: And writing fiction vs non-fiction.
Jay: Yeah, essays, short stories and opinion pieces.
Matt: And the assholes who write for newspapers.
Jay: Oh man, there’s a lot of ‘em.
Matt: Paul Piatt, Guy and Tammy Tibbles!
Jay: Mediations by Martin, Bobby K w/ deep thoughts and Rev Moneymaker!
Matt: And whatever else we think of.
Jay: All about the writing process!
Matt: And the angst, loneliness and alcohol that comes with it.
Jay: Definitely.

So tune into “Write Drunk, Edit Sober” on IWS Radio Sunday night at 8 pm ET! Also, call us up and talk about your writing hopes and dreams. Or likes and dislikes. Or whatever. Just call us at 661.244.9852!

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