Friday, February 21, 2014

FromYouFlowers.Com...Your Customer Service Is Wilting

Happy Friday and I hope all of you will have a wonderful weekend and have had a most happy time during this post-Valentine’s Day week.

I know…again with Valentine’s Day?  I know…It’s passed…it’s gone…it was sooooo LAST week, you say.

Well…not for a very close friend of the IWS Radio Show.

Our friend Angie, purchased a guaranteed Valentine’s Day delivery of flowers that looked something like this from for her wife…

Well…Angie’s wife didn't get them on Valentine’s Day because there were “issues”…Meaning, screwed up, but….we will never know what those issues were.

Perhaps, it was incompetence, but who am I to judge or speculate?

Here’s the thing…when the flowers that Angie did order arrived on Monday the 17th, they looked like this…

Appalled as Angie should be, she contacted and rightfully demanded reciprocity for the late, skanky-ass looking dead flowers that her spouse received on Valentine’s Day, three days late no less.

Well here is what Angie’s wife received from as an acceptable replacement for what Angie purchased for $50 and arrived late…


Why not send Angie and her wife a bucket full of milkweed and call it even?


If has any respectability and a sense of corporate responsibility, they will send Angie and her wife something like this…

AND…they will send them a coupon for a free dinner at a nice restaurant in their area.

I mean c’mon…they spoiled Valentine’s Day for Angie and Macey, so do the right thing and make it up to them.

If is truly in the love and happiness business, they will make this happen for one of the cutest couples I have ever known, and they can get a hold of me in order to do so, and I will supply their information.

And if they don’t?  There is going to be hell to pay this Sunday on the IWS Radio Show!!


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I'm With Stupid said...

Customer service is a dying art in this country. Companies don't seem to care about their customers anymore. Valentine's Day is biggest day of the year for the flower business and these yahoos couldn't handle it.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: It's a sad day in America when flower outlets don't care about the commercialism that is Valentine's Day. Cheers Jayman!!


Angie Schleicher said...

The BEST part was when the customer service dude on the phone had the balls to tell me, "Listen, ma'am (emphasis on "ma'am" in that sarcastic tone kind of way) what you have to understand is that you ordered these flowers to be delivered through UPS and they will need a few days to rejuvenate." I'm pretty sure a powerhouse of Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and Moses all working in tandem couldn't muster the power to rejuvenate that frozen, dead heap of twigs. The second best part was when I asked to speak to a supervisor, and promptly got hung up on. Called back, asked for a supervisor again, and again got hung up on.

I'm With Stupid said...

Angie: Holy Cow, what a crock of crap. I can't wait to discuss this further on Sunday's show. What a lousy organization. Sorry for your floral loss. Cheers Angie!!


Mike said...

They probably didn't have the money to return. It was already spent on executive bonuses.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: I think everything has now been taken care of Mike. Cheers!!