Saturday, December 14, 2013

Matt Said, Jay Said Party Time

Matt decks the halls, Jay jingles his bells, You come a wassailing.

Matt: Hello?
Jay: Yoooooooooooooooo!
Matt: Are you okay?
Jay: It’s been a rough week man.
Matt: Damn right it has.
Jay: Busy as hell.
Matt: Brutal!
Jay: But, totally worth it.
Matt: Maybe?
Jay: Well, we were the special guest stars in Agent Rat’s video

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Matt: That was a lot of fun.
Jay: I always thought Furries were freaks, but that was cool.
Matt: Gotta keep an open mind.
Jay: Always.
Matt: And our new movie is out!
Jay: Right! American Hustle! We star with Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. 

Matt: What an amazing cast!
Jay: Lots and talent right there.
Matt: Everyone was strictly professional too.
Jay: That’s why it’s such a great film.
Matt: True dat.
Jay: We should do a 70’s show sometime
Matt: That would be pretty cool.
Jay: We’ll do the whole show high on cocaine.
Matt: And listening to Disco.
Jay: That would be good radio right there.
Matt: Probably.
Jay: You know what WAS great radio?
Matt: Candice the Phone Sex Girl?
Jay: Damn right!
Matt: That show was HAWT!
Jay: Candice did NOT disappoint!
Matt: No she didn’t!

Jay: We need to do something fun this week.
Matt: Every week is fun on IWS.
Jay: I mean have a big blowout!
Matt: Maybe let off some steam?
Jay: Yeah! Maybe a party!
Matt: An Office Christmas Party??
Jay: This would be a great time of year for one too!
Matt: Good point!
Jay: We can tell stories of Christmas parties past.
Matt: And maybe give out some gifts to people.
Jay: And hear from some of our correspondents.
Matt: Nobody even knows where Guy is.
Jay: Maybe we should put out an APB on him.
Matt: Father Limerick will be there.
Jay: You know Bobby Kraft will too!
Matt: Free food means Slyder Ballzcock shows up!
Jay: And Santa Claus has a new comedy routine!
Matt: I heard he was out on the road again.
Jay: Yeah, he’s getting back into… BREAKING NEWS!
Matt: What???!!!
Jay: I’ve just been informed that a special guest will perform Santa Baby!
Matt: Oh man! That’s hot!
Jay: She’s freaking awesome.
Matt: Gotta tune in to find out who it is!
Jay: And! We’re being featured by BTR this week.
Matt: The pressure is on!
Jay: It’s party time!
Matt: Woo-Hooo!!!! We’re gonna eat, drink and be merry!  

So, be sure to tune into “Office Christmas Party 2013” at 12 Noon ET on IWS Radio!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Two words..."Hottest, Most Tinseled Strapped Show Evah!!" Cheers!!


jAMiE said...

Let the festivities begin!