Monday, November 18, 2013

A Holiday Break Comes to IWS Radio

Cheers and Happy Monday to you all…This is Hangover Matt typing a mundane post on the IWS Radio website.

Hungover?  Matt?  I am shocked!! You are saying?

Well let me tell you, typically on Sundays here in the Bagwine digs, after Jay and I do the radio show, my partner in crime Schmoop, usually eats and then goes to bed, leaving me to just calmly “hang out” for the day.

Yesterday, that was not the case, noooooo.

After another excellent IWS Radio Broadcast, Schmoop popped open some beers, we listened to music, watched the incredible lightning displays, and five hours and a thirty pack of Milwaukee Best Light later, we were wonderfully tanked!!

Oh hell yes…tanked, but…It was nice.

We don’t get to do that together very often, and in fact, unless I dreamt it, we were even naked together part of that time.  That right there is an incredible rarity!!

Yes…yesterday was nice.

But yesterday is over and now, it’s time to get back to work, and back to the ice cold harshness of reality, or something.  Seriously though, today, let’s just catch our breath as I outline some goings on here at IWS.

Our November 9th show was of course #1 in Comedy, but also hit #3 in the much larger Entertainment category, so a big ol’ shout to all of you who listened and helped us to hit that mark!!

Jayman is leaving for warm and wonderful Omaha this coming Saturday, and will be enduring his family for a week so IWS Radio will be on a hiatus of sorts.

Yep, next week, there will be no posts on the IWS website (unless something earth shattering happens) annnnnd…the will be no IWS Radio Show on Saturday November 24th.  I know…I know…that’s a tough pill to swallow, but it must be.

Jayman will be whooping it up in Nebraska and I will use that day to procure the needed supplies for our big Thanksgiving menu which I will be preparing here in the Bagwine digs on the 28th.

Also, we have picked up some new fans on Facebook, so if you haven’t liked the IWS Radio page, you can click right here and help a couple brothers out as well.

Also, we have always asked people that if they have something to say, they are more than welcome to post on the IWS website.  If you ‘d like to do that simply get a hold of Jay or me, and you will become famous.


Jayman and I did another award winning IWS show yesterday.  We talked turkey and the holidays.  Martin had some Meditations, Dixie Ozark was awesomely amusing, Buddy Acapella debuted his new #1 hit song, Stubby Stonehenge gave a history lesson on Nebraska, and we had a delightful phone call from Greg of Circle G Ranch.

It was, in a word, awesome!!

So give it a listen.  If this show doesn't put you in the holiday mood, you are already dead inside.


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I'm With Stupid said...

This will be our first full week break from the show and blog in three years. We've totally earned. Besides, we need that time to get ready to fight the War on Christmas!


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: Damn right we've earned it, but I will not rest. I will spend the week off turning the Bagwine digs into a Living, Life-Sized Nativity Scene. Take that, you secularists!! Cheers Jayman!!


Beth said...

Help me...

I'm With Stupid said...

Beth: I am helping you. You get to play the Virgin Mary in our nativity scene. God Bless. Cheers Schmoooooop and thanks for yesterday!!