Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Best Frozen Pizza in the World

Cheeeeeeeers and Happy Friday Eve to you all…

Now that the United States has very temporarily voted to end all of its governmental silliness, all of you must certainly be ready to relax, sigh a breath of joy, and enjoy a good meal…

A meal which goes uninterrupted by the media shrieks of immature, yet well paid members of Congress, and satisfies you to the debt ceiling of your hunger core.

I am about to help you relax from this political madness by re-introducing you to one of the best, most economical, and most comforting food groups in the world.

The frozen pizza.

Oh sure, go ahead and scoff at the frozen pie, you elitists, you self-proclaimed foodies, and purists of the haute couture culinary scene, but here me now.

Frozen pizza when done right, and adorned with personal creativity, is the most perfect food in the world.  In fact, a well-dressed frozen pizza is like a painting.

Of course, in order to paint a masterpiece, one must begin with the perfect canvas upon which to paint, and the perfect canvas in frozen pizza terms is, Totino’s®.

Totino’s® is well priced, offers an ample size, and the base ingredients are always good.  So, let’s paint some pizza pictures shall we?

Here is my latest…A Totino’s® Classic Pepperoni to which I added additional pepperoni, hot dogs, olives, Swiss cheese, and banana peppers…Here is the uncooked picture...

And the after a nice hot bake...POW!!

One of my faves from earlier this week…

A Totino’s® Hamburger pizza where I added roast beef, pepperoni, and muenster…

And this my friends is the richly delicious post-baked outcome…

Uh-huh.  Awesome.  Here’s one where I added leftover hamburger and kidney bean mix.  It’s pre-cooked pic, but man, it was delicious after being lovingly baked in a 450 degree oven for 11-14 minutes!!

I even have one more idea…One idea that may blow you away.

Do you like anchovies or perhaps fish in general?  Well here is one that I made a couple of months back.

It’s a Totino’s® Combination pizza dressed up in tuna, onions, and cheddar…

I was called a heretic by some on Facebook over that one when I posted pictures of it, but as God as my witness, I did love it so.

I guess the reason that I like Totino’s pizza so much is because it brings out the twelve year old in me. Taking a simple frozen pizza, and “decorating” it in your own style, taste, and personality, is just plain fun.

It reminds me of Friday nights when I was twelve or so…watching the not-so-scary movie of the week with my brother Marty.  He and I lying on the floor, and Mom sitting behind us, as we all watched, and shared a frozen pizza…

A frozen pizza that we, as a team, enhanced with everything that we all liked, whether it was “supposed” to go on a pizza or not.

There have been a lot of books that talk Chicken Soup for the Soul, but as for me?

At the ripe old age of 48, I would title my book, Frozen Pizza for the Soul, because it brings back great memories, and I re-live them today with my best friend, whenever she and I make a frozen pizza together.

Here’s to Totino’s® for being the best frozen pizza in the world!!*


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*I have in no way, been compensated by the fine folks at Totino's Pizza, however; if they would like to compensate me retroactively through a few free pizzas or something, that would be awesome!!


I'm With Stupid said...

I prefer Totino's to Tony's because the Totino's is a larger, yet less expensive frozen pizza.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: I hear ya. Although being an international internet radio star like yourself, I do like good value in my meal decisions. Cheers Jayman!!


Beth said...

I love these pizzas! I just wish I had your culinary skills with them;)

I'm With Stupid said...

Beth: Perhaps if you began by pre-heating. Cheers Schmoop!!


jAMiE said...

I would love to try one of your concoctions, Matt...they often look so yummy.

I'm not sure about the tuna pizza though, even though i love tuna..but i would try it. = )

I'm With Stupid said...

Jamie: I'd have to come up with a special one for you. In fact, I'll try to invent one in the near future, and call it, The Jamie. Cheers Jaaaaaaamie!!


jAMiE said...

Mmmm...will it have Canadian bacon, perhaps?

I'm With Stupid said...

Jamie: Perhaps!! Cheers Jamie!!