Friday, October 11, 2013

Matt Said, Jay Said 1234567890

Matt: This is a bit forward don’t you think?
Jay: What?
Matt: Calling without permission.
Jay: I don’t need no stinkin’ permission.
Matt: Says who?
Jay: You!
Matt: Oh.
Jay: With your memory, you wouldn’t know if I was lying or not.
Matt: Very true.
Jay: Hey! Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day?
Matt: I know, I’m writing about it for Friday.
Jay: You’re coming out?
Matt: Eh, no, but there are some people who need to.
Jay: Oh, so you’re gonna shove them out of the closet.
Matt: Drag. I’m not  in the clo .. OH NEVER MIND!
Jay: I really never thought that would work on you.
Matt: I’m drinking Rose! No fair!
Jay: I’m cheap and dirty that way.
Matt: That’s hot!

Matt: Schmoop taking Friday off.
Jay: Need a day to prepare for having Matt home the whole day?
Matt: Exactly! And Sunday to recover.
Jay: Totally understandable.
Matt: What was for supper?
Jay: We call it dinner here.
Matt: What the fuck was for dinner?
Jay: That’s better. Chicken, bowtie pasta in a red sauce and garlic bread.
Matt: Delcious!
Jay: I love Italian food.
Matt: Are you wearing a track suit and plenty of bling?
Jay: It won’t taste right if I don’t.

Jay: A no-prep show this week?
Matt: That’s the plan.
Jay: I desperately want to prep now.
Matt: Not me.
Jay: Why should this week be any different?
Matt: Hey now!
Jay: Another cheap shot. I know.
Matt: So hurtful!
Jay: What ARE we gonna talk about though?
Matt: Just whatever.
Jay: Any audios?
Matt: Maybe, but probably not.
Jay: Calling anyone?
Matt: Party Marty.
Jay: Who won’t answer.
Matt: John Boehner.
Jay: Who won’t answer.
Matt: My ex?
Jay: God I hope she doesn’t answer.
Matt: Gold Jay! It would be GOLD!
Jay: I guess. Ha
Matt: Maybe we’ll call Drive-By Mikey out on his combine farming.
Jay: That could be fun.
Matt: There’s really no telling what might happen.
Jay: People better tune in then!!
Matt: Damn right they should!
Jay: And call us up!
Matt: Definitely!

So, don’t forget it’s a very special edition of IWS Radio onSATURDAY morning at 11 AM ET this week!! Be there or else! Please. 

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