Wednesday, October 23, 2013

IWS Radio...Divine Intervention or Mocked by the Devil?

Cheeeeeeeeeers Chuckleheads, and a most enjoyable Hump Day to you all.


Sometimes, in the course of human events…people, political parties, businesses, and the like, hit a crossroads.

There comes that make it or break moment that is provided, wanted or not, by some type of Deus ex Machina type of event.  Well my friends..?

That Deus ex Whateverah has wormed its way into the previously well-oiled machine that is IWS Radio.

And, I must tell you…This Deus ex Bullshit comes to us in the form of Sunday’s guest on the IWS Radio Halloween inspired show which will air LIVE this Sunday on Blog Talk Radio from Noon-2 PM ET.


Jayman and I aren’t the luckiest people in the world, and yet, just in time for our Halloween show, out of the blue (or is it the dark abyss of Hell) a guest arises who can put this particular upcoming show into the annals of Blog Talk Radio greatness.

Are the fates of the universe smiling upon us, or is it that God is throwing those sixteen sided dice of his, and we are coming up snake eyes every time, while His Holy Supernaturalness laughs, and leaves Jayman and I to cry?

I guess we’ll find out Sunday.  And you too shall find out…If you listen.

I am prevented from telling you who the guest is at this point, but I can tell you this much…

While Jay and I are skeptical of anyone who appears to be ethereal and supernatural, we may be made believers in the person who will be joining us this Sunday on IWS Radio.

This person is in tune not only with your core and mine, but in tune with the core of the Earth itself.

And yet…

Our guest doesn't spin upon an axis of 24/7 news cycles, or baubles, or self-absorption; our guest spins upon and within, a realm made up of amber waves of grain and shining seas, but not in the sense that you might think.

Our guest feeds upon such things, and will tell you all about it this Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET on IWS Radio.

I know…

Jayman and I are as confused as you, but…this guest was sent to us as some form of life force and it could be dangerous not to accept it, and well, it would be just plain rude not to accept this guest, after all this time begging asking for guests.  So…

That’s all I can say for now…For more information, I guess you will have to read the website tomorrow.

Until then…Happy Hump Day and pray that this Sunday’s guest is an entity of good.


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I'm With Stupid said...

Gonna be very different from anything we've ever done. This could be HUGE!


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: It WILL be HUGE. The God (and Goddesses) have deemed it so. Cheers Jayman!!


Beth said...

I'm so excited!!!

I'm With Stupid said...

Beth: Me too!! Cheers Schmoooooooop!!


Rev.James Smith PhD. said...

It's gonna be a moot, I mean Hoot lolol :)

I'm With Stupid said...

Rev. Jim: Ha...Yes, yes it is!! Cheers and thanks for coming on the air with us.


Rev.James Smith PhD. said...

Slainte..and yes I am bringing my shark food.

I'm With Stupid said...

Rev. Jim: Excellent. A little chum never hurt anyone. Cheers Jim!!


Rev.James Smith PhD. said...

With the cheers and slainte, should i have a beer before or just wait for roasted shark fin to have a guiness